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Elmo is the famous character from the most fascinating children series Sesame Street. The funny red monster, which is three and a half year old, attracts the toddlers with its attractive look and cute talk. Sesame Street’s wing ‘Elmo’s Healthy Heroes’ is a very interesting show which targets the kids to provide them some fruitful guidance along with entertainment.
Elmo and his team teach lessons to the kids regarding health, but through dance, acting and music. The healthy heroes cover the topics of hygiene, nutrition, energy, exercise and sleep in an enchanting way that the message could be absorbed by the kids. The hot favorite character of your kid will bring an interesting yet useful live show which will serve dual purposes. Kevin Clash is the man who records Elmo’s voice, by using falsetto. Get the Elmo Nokia Theater Tickets and take your kids to this ultimate show!

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About Sesame Street Live Elmos Healthy Heroes

Sesame Street is undoubtedly a global phenomenon when it comes to Children’s television shows. Premiering all the way back in 1969, Sesame Street has won the hearts of many children over the decades and we all grew up watching those Muppets on television. After earning high acclaim on television, the show pushed things up a notch by starting a live touring show called Sesame Street Live on September 17, 1980.  Featuring the plots and music scores from the original television series, Sesame Street live has various shows in its arsenal and produces different shows on its four different touring  productions.
Amongst its wide array of shows is Elmo’s Healthy Heroes. Elmo’s Healthy Heroes features all your favorite sesame street characters on a quest to make Super Grover healthy again. The show sheds light on all the healthy habits that should be adopted for a healthier life style, through dance and music sequences. While helping Grover getting his super powers back, Elmo along with his friends explore various nutrition, exercises, and other hygiene activities. So hop aboard and embark on a healthy journey with all your favorite Sesame street characters with your Elmos Healthy Heroes Abraham Chavez Theatre Tickets. The show will surely prove be to an educational and recreational experience for your  young ones.

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Q:Are there discount ticket avaliable for sesame street show?

A:Sesame Street Live Tickets are available on our site at super cheap rates.

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A:We cant give you free Sesame Street Live Tickets as its against our policy and mentioned in the terms and conditions.

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A:You can get the details about the ticket prices from the page of Sesame Street Live Tickets.

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A:Charging of Sesame Street Live Tickets for children of or below two years of age depends on the rules and regulations of the venue. Contact the venue directly for details.

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A:Our Sesame Street Live Tickets are selling out quickly. We suggest that your order your tickets right away so as not to miss them.

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A:Yes, just go to Sesame Street Live Tickets page on our site. It will give you the option of viewing the seating map.

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A:You can pay for Sesame Street Live Tickets through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery.

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A:Yes, your 4 year old would require Sesame Street Live Tickets as she/he would be needing a seat to sit.

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