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Most of us have spent our childhood on Sesame Street, discovering how to have fun while learning something worthwhile. The same Sesame Street is now coming to you, bringing back fun and entertainment. Get ready to meet the sprightly Big Bird, obsessively thunderous Count Von Count, frantic Cookie Monster, always angry Oscar the Grouch, cuddly Elmo, inseparable Bert and Ernie, and the latest addition Abby Caddaby. Isn’t it all Magic? All of them are coming all the way from New York City to meet fans and friends.

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About Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine

Sesame Street is undoubtedly the most widely watched children series across the world with one twenty international versions. Generations have grown up with these Muppets taking their very first learning lessons from them. The lessons are fun and play, with hip songs, hilarious sketches and integrative games. This is no surprise that over 95% of the preschoolers watch this show before they are even three.  The idea is to make these young guns interested in learning without being daunted by knowledge.

Sesame Street brings the best of Television and classroom together. The inquisitive children are burgeoned in a neighborhood which is friendly, addictive and informative. This street has been growing on us for past four decades with its vibrant existence. The show has forty one amazing seasons and over four thousand unforgettable episodes to look back to. Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the daddies of the show, are pretty proud and have many memorable moments to bloat about. After all, it is the only children series to take home eight Grammy Awards and one hundred and eighteen Emmy Awards.  The success of the show has a whole long list of people, vesting their efforts in making Preschoolers life easier and brighter.

The people behind the show have been researching, writing and creating wonders on stage. The show is not just entertainment going around with no sense of direction. Rather it is a planned activity with curriculums developed by the educationist and researchers, introducing new teaching methods. That’s where the Children Television Workshop (CTW) came from. The writing has also been quite a challenge for the Sesame street crew; it isn’t easy to follow the curriculum while being funny for the kids. The challenge doesn’t end here; the most important aspect is that in all that fun, the children actually learn something.

The show is a visual delight with a lot of action going on that street every second. The Muppets seen on the street have been developed with a lot of thought behind it. Each Muppets is an individual representing a lot of things at the same time. These characters have sketches, which have been consistent for past four decades.  The Big Bird is not just a friendly bird, but represents every child who is exploring this street. Count Von Count teaches us to see learning in the real world by counting everything he sees. Cookie Monster’s apparently one track mind has a lot to say about the world around. Bert is the intelligent counterforce to the eccentricity of Ernie. The show also has a tradition of calling famous celebrities on the show who interact with their favorite Muppets. The show has one of the widest guest list ever seen on any show, coming from diverse walks of life. They are politicians, humanitarian, analysts, singers, actors and what not. Some of the celebrities on the show include Michelle Obama, Bill Cosby, John Lennon, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Jason Mraz, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Cash and Larry King.

The show has taken a leap of going live on stage with 123 Imagine. It has all your favorite characters dancing on stage. You can see your favorite Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Big Bird and Count Von Count right in front of you. Get ready to have live fun with these Sesame Stars. You know How to Get to Sesame Street, don’t you? Just order your Sesame Street Live/123 Imagine Tickets and have fun.

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