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With Rapunzel! A Very hairy Fairy Tale tickets in your hands, you are definitely going to experience a delightful and charming production that will be totally unforgettable for you and your entire friends and family. It is one of the new theatrical musical that is buzzing and creating a rave everywhere. This new show that has its phenomenal music and lyrics composed and written by Mark Friedman as well as Janet Yates Vogt is an amazing production for people of all ages. The show’s Artistic Director is none other than the popular Angela Powell Walker who is famed for her successful productions.

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About Rapunzel Rapunzel A Very Hairy Fairy Tale

The timeless fairy tale of Rapunzel can be seen coming to life in a thrilling fresh theatrical show that features the gorgeous princess with very long hair locked in a tower. She desperately waits for her handsome prince to come to her rescue, but while she is locked up, he does not really know what he is in quest for. The search is obviously for a wicked witch who has kept an eye on Rapunzel’s kingdom. There is also an old dragon that is weary yet intensely philosophical and is trying to make sense of all that is happening around hm. This dragon can be seen on the stage as a 17 feet long dragon commonly referred to as Socrates and has been created by Kevin Frisch from the puppet company called Frisch Marionette for this amazing show. The musical production is without a doubt very charming and enthralling for not just youngsters but for everyone in the family. This is a perfect show for families with children ages 4+ and those who are fans of the fairy tales of yesteryears.

When the curtain is drawn, you get to see Socrates who was once a very powerful, fire breathing dragon. Now he has been put under a curse by the evil Lady Zaza in order to watch over Rapunzel who has been kept locked up in a tower. The narrator of the musical tells the audience that years ago the wicked Lady Zaza managed to steal a box from an aged gypsy woman. The box was very strange and in it was a spectacular magical jewel along with a book of spells. As time went on, Lady Zaza practiced the spells in the book and used the jewel for her curses. She grew stronger, more wicked and powerful by each new spell. Finally she put a spell the King and the Queen of the land and banished them from the kingdom while capturing their only daughter Rapunzel who was to become Queen on the dawn of her eighteenth birthday. However, if Lady Zaza succeeds in her evil plans then Rapunzel would not reach the castle in time to become the Queen. Lady Zaza seeks to keep the entire hold of the kingdom in her hands and wants to be Queen.

In Rapuzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale, you will see that as Rapunzel’s birthday comes near, a change in the narration from the original tale takes place with two additional characters in the musical. Edgar, one of the best hairdressers in the kingdom and his longtime friend Sir Roderick who is a young man, join hands to find the most ideal head of hair. While they are in search of what they seek, Sir Roderick has a feeling that their search might lead them to finding Rapunzel. His intuition is correct when they find the old gypsy woman from whom Lady Zaza stole the curious box. She tells t.hem that the perfect head of hair will be found in the tower where Rapunzel has been kept captive. Edgar and Sir Roderick reach the tower to find Rapunzel. Edgar is in awe of her hair while Sir Roderick is completely besotted by her loveliness. Socrates the dragon who is to protect Rapunzel from escaping fights a lost battle of smartness with Sir Roderick which ultimately finishes with all of the characters turning out to be allies and ultimately Edgar comes up with a plan to save Rapunzel. This is surely a musical that fans of fairy tales and theater would not want to miss out on. You can now get your cheap Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale tickets and enjoy a fantastic time at this event.

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A:You can view the seating map from the Rapunzel Rapunzel A Very Hairy Fairy Tale Tickets page.

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