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Countless inventions over the years have improved the living standards of the masses for the better. Then there were those that completely changed our lives forever. Televisions are usually classified in the latter category and you can easily see why. They immediately made it easier for news to travel across distances, gave families something to enjoy together and brought quality entertainment straight to your homes. It was a game changer and it wasn’t long before companies started making money off of it. This meant creating programming for specific age groups, genders, ethnicities and cultures etc. Today, one demographic has risen above most others and now warrants special attention; children.    

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About Peppa Pigs Big Splash

Going to work

Children programming makes up a sizable portion of all the shows on television today. There are even entire television networks dedicated to it and one of the most popular of all these programs is Peppa Pig. This fun loving character was created over a decade ago and since her first appearance on television, has gone on to become one of the most recognizable names in the business. The show is watched by millions of people each year and is broadcasted in over a hundred and eighty countries around the globe. Now that she is going out on tour to meet her countless fans everywhere, here is your chance to be part of that experience as well. Just book your Peppa Pigs Big Splash tickets and enjoy the show, live from the stands.


Peppa was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker in 2004. They envisioned a naughty and cute character that would get into the same antics that children do at a young age. It would not only teach children responsibility, but also teach them life lessons that they could carry with them for the rest of their lives. The idea was very well received and a five minute episode was sanctioned. On May 31, 2004 the first episode was aired and became an instant hit. Since then the show has been airing regularly on several networks around the world, with over two hundred episodes to date.

Going on a journey

Peppa Pig is, as her name suggests, a pig, who lives with her family in a nice little house. She is four years old and also has a younger brother, George Pig. Her grandparents and parents look after her and she has several other friends who she plays with and gets into various adventures throughout an episode. The friends also belong to various animal families, including Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony and Zoe Zebra. All characters showcase various characteristics common to the animal they are based on, but usually exhibit human traits. For example the Rabbit family live in a hole burrowed into a hill, however it is shaped and furnished like a regular human house, complete with sofas, tables and windows.    

The recognition

The show is famous the world over and as a result has managed to win several illustrious awards over the years. It has won four British Academy Children's Awards in two major categories, which include “Best Performer” and Best Pre-School Animation Series.” They have also won three awards at the Cartoons on the Bay Festival, as they picked up the Pulcinella Award for the “Best European Programme of the Year,” the Pulcinella Award for the “Best Pre-School Series” and the Children's Audience Award for the “Best Pre-School series.” They have also won the Annecy International Animated Film Festival Grand Prize and the Crystal for the Best TV Production.

Going on up

The worldwide popularity of the series has led to several adaptations over the years. These include books, films and even theme parks. It also includes a live show called Peppa Pigs Big Splash. This will bring Peppa and all her friends to life on stage for the millions of her fans all around the world. Experience a world where children get a chance to see Peppa in the flesh and meet her and other characters after the show. Join her in her various adventures, sing along to her favorite tunes and be part of the fun. All you need are your Peppa Pigs Big Splash tickets and you can enjoy the show live, from the stands.


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