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About Paw Patrol Tickets

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children’s cartoons of the decade. They air on the channel Nickelodeon and have featured in a film called “Paw Patrol Mission”. Children have grown up with and learned from these characters. Now, the Nickelodeon network provides an exciting opportunity for these children to experience Paw Patrol Live! This is an action packed musical which features life-sized Paw Pups, a real life Jack Ryder, and many of your favorite (and least favorite) characters.

Paw Patrol Live! is headed all over the country with two different stories to entertain you - “Race to the Rescue” and “The Great Pirate Adventure”. Both of these shows are full of puppy-filled fun and impart lessons of bravery, camaraderie and compassion to the youngsters. They will warm your heart, compel you to dance, and leave you wanting more of the lovable pups. In short, Paw Patrol tickets are the perfect purchase for you to enjoy some fun quality time with your children.

About Paw Patrol Live!

The production is fashioned after the animated TV series as it features the same characters and setting, and presents similar storylines. However, the difference is that this show is purely a musical; it relies on songs and choreographed dances in order to get the story across. The Paw Patrol pups are human-sized robots that are operated by technicians placed on the puppies’ backs. The dogs talk, dance and move about just like the other characters. This is a great source of joy for children who often stare in fascination at their TV screen heroes as they stand in front of them, in the ‘flesh’.

The show has great production quality as the lighting and sound effects are impeccable. Many celebrities have been to the event with their little ones, including artists such as Fergie, P!NK and the entertainer James Corden. Paw Patrol Live VIP tickets can also be purchased which give you access to the show’s after-party. Here, you can actually meet the pups and take pictures with them. This would truly add to an already enjoyable evening which your children are not likely to forget anytime soon.

“The Great Pirate Adventure”

This is one of the two shows that is being toured across the US. It opens on Adventure Bay’s traditional Pirate Day. The preparations are complete but Cap’n Turbot is missing. It is up to Jack Ryder and his trusty pups to save the day and find Cap’n Turbot. This is a gripping story, one full of mystery and mischief. However all is well that ends well, and Paw Patrol always makes sure that things end well.

“Race to the Rescue”

This is a thrilling story in which Adventure Bay’s “Great Race” is on the way. However, Mayor Goodway goes missing right before the festivities start. It is up to the Pups and Jack Ryder to rescue the Mayor or else the race will be cancelled. Find out where she is and who has her in their clutches by purchasing Paw Patrol live tickets now.