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Metamorphosis features an exquisite collection of delightfully laughable scenarios and wonderfully imaginative vignettes through the age-old art of puppetry. The show features a spectacularly created cast of sophisticatedly hand-carved intricate marionettes, the many functional characteristics of which are an amusing wonder in themselves. The carefully constructed characters in, are reflected through these delicate doll-like marionettes are truly inspiring and unforgettable projected in the midst of uniquely structured backdrops.  The rare performance is aimed for an audience of age seven and above, and is organized by the renowned Figura Theater of Iceland, which is known for its innovative presentations and dedication to excellence since 1986. Metamorphosis tickets provide truly a rare opportunity to celebrate puppetry, the most ancient form of movement arts.

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About Metamorphosis

The grandly well-established organization of Figura Theater is something of a brainchild of the deeply talented master puppeteer Brend Ogrodnik. Ogrodnik has contributed massively in the field of puppetry in terms of its further development and promotion, and is involved in the process of creating the marionettes himself from the very initial stage of conception to the dexterously difficult stage of crafting and maneuvering. The artist has formally trained in wood-working, classical music, children’s book illustrations and performing movement arts only to deliver a distinctively outstanding show such as Metamorphosis. The Figura Theatre, under the wings of Ogrodnik has toured the world over including Canada, Europe, America and Asia, gathering unprecedented and unparalleled fame in the line of puppet performances. Bernd Ogrodnik has had the benefit of learning from other scores of other well-learnt puppeteers whose willingness to impart puppetry techniques, has helped him to further evolve his. His works have been remarkably influenced by the super-talented German Puppet maestro Albrecht Roser, who is too prized for his prized contributions to the art. Bernd claims to eagerly follow through any invitation to learning from other puppeteers backstage and learn from their personal, professional approach.
Metamorphosis employs the many traditional and modern puppetry techniques, essential in the development of effective communication between the performer and his audiences.  The curiously intriguing little blocks of puppets are brought to an exceedingly compelling, believable state of life with simply but delicate, deliberate hand movements of professional manipulators. The many marionettes are made of ordinary materials such as wooden spheres, silk scarves and threads so that the audience explores both, the timeless significance of traditional puppetry and the expansive sea of possibilities available to the art of ‘material theatre’.  Figura Theater lays strong emphasis on thematically endearing imagery since it constitutes a very important surrounding element of the marionette, leaving the audience with cogently represented, impacting visual impressions that while contribute to a powerful performance, also allow them to understand the ‘theatre of everyday life’. One must buy Metamorphosis tickets not just for the fact that it is the most refined puppet show, but because it is a unique possibility to gain exposure to an age-old art form.
At its core, Metamorphosis dramatizes the continuously shifting, ever changing dynamics and perceptions of the world as seen from the inside out and outside in, while it introduces the audience to the enthrallingly special aspects of daily life with its gripping stories and soft yet considerably moving humor. This is a show that is eternally beautiful for its poetic storyline with its multiple layers of meaning and symbolic quality. The advanced methods of puppetology include masterfully skilled artists in the line of making characteristic voices suited to the physicality of a specific marionette while in keeping with its character, making funny sounds, and ultimately performing according to the emotions that the puppet characters are supposed to express. It is entertainment and education simultaneously, in allowing the audience to recognize the many art forms that are brought together and professionally fused to deliver such a show. 
Metamorphosis is an extraordinary theater performance, with its enticing plot, impressive storyline, colorfully vibrant backdrops, powerful visual imagery, and of course the fascinatingly amusing marionettes that are magically brought to life with the invisible hands of master puppeteers and their intriguingly captivating voices. The show is a memorable feat of material theatre that will take you aback with its dreamy mystical quality. So experience the intimacy between performer and audience that Ogrodnik most treasures while you also share a wonderful entertainment experience with the kiddies.  Get those coveted Metamorphosis tickets or look up the availability of some cheap Metamorphosis tickets and be there with you children and their popcorn.

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