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The much loved fairy tale Cinderella has come to be part of childhood memories all over the world. The enchanting story which has been passed from generation to generation still holds appeal for all ages. Several theatrical, ballet, film, television and animation adaptations of Cinderella have been made. Now The Cinderella Files brings to life the story of the classic in a puppet show version. The production is a refreshing and comical retake on the famous fairy tale. An important figure in the fairy tale has been the Fairy Godmother who aids Cinderella in reversing her fortune. The puppet show version does the unheard of by taking the Fairy Godmother out of the story. Get The Cinderella Files tickets to see the course of action things take in the absence of the significant character.

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About Madcap Puppets The Cinderella Files

The Cinderella Files is a production by the Ohio based company MadCap Puppets. An established name in children’s entertainment, the organization has been staging performances since 1981. Their efforts in children’s theatre have been recognized with a Scripps Corbett Award for Excellence. Known to be entertaining and educational at the same time, MadCap shows are sought after. Now there is a chance to see their unusual production The Cinderella Files on stage. The show is another commendable production in puppet theatre and sure to be a par excellence production by the company.
The Cinderella Files is a twist on the much loved classic Cinderella and features the added character of Ralph. He is the husband of the Fairy Godmother and in her absence he has to step in to ensure that Cinderella meets her Prince Charming. But Ralph is not cut out for the job and is unfamiliar with what is required of him.  As a result what follows next makes for a hilarious theatre experience.
Helping him along the way are the signature MadCap giant puppets. Also at hand is the massive magical wand to help Ralph accomplish the mission. MadCap Puppets is known for engaging their audience in their show. The same holds true for The Cinderella Files. The stage performance also involves the audience in the action on the stage as they guide Ralph in getting Cinderella to the ball. See the show for yourself at The Cinderella Files stage performance to see this different version of the classic.
Leading the way in entertainment, MadCap Puppets often incorporate different cultures and children’s literature in their productions. The company has done the same for the show The Cinderella Files. Two versions of the fairy tale from other cultures are included in the production. These are namely the Indonesian story The Crocodile’s Baby and the Scandinavian version Diamonds and Toads. Interestingly in the Indonesian version the role of Fairy Godmother is played by a crocodile. Both versions are similar in the storyline but have their own unique features. Come and enjoy the variety of versions at The Cinderella Files show which is sure to be educational and entertaining.
Although the story of the fairy tale has been subjected to a few changes but it still retains its charm. The introduction of Ralph has added to the humorous aspects of the story. The evil stepmother and step sisters are still present in the story as is the prince. Fun and stimulating at the same time it is a lesson about unfair domination and reward for good deeds. Get cheap The Cinderella Files tickets to see the puppet show. The magical appeal of the classic is still intact and the production makes for great family entertainment. The Cinderella Files is equally enjoyable for the children and the adults.

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