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Les Miserables School Edition Tickets Tickets

Les Misérables- School Edition tickets offer you a completely different experience of this classic tale. In case you have watched it theater before, you are sure to get spellbound all over again. Originally the London based production of this musical was the brainchild of Trevor Nunn and John Caird. It was a co-production of the Cameron Mackintosh and the Royal Shakespearean Company. Les Misérables’ Broadway version had one of the most legendary musical score. It was adapted for the this version, and was tailored to give young performers a chance to prove themselves.

About Les Miserables School Edition Tickets

Les Misérables the life journey of Valjean, a petty thief who is captured as a young boy for stealing a loaf of bread. Kept in captive for nineteen years, he comes out as a changed honest man. He works hard and becomes popular with people, becoming a town mayor as well as a loving family man by adopting a daughter. Valjean ends up violating the parole given to him. Inspector Javert comes in and sees to this violation and makes life hell for Valjean. Life although seemed impossible but Valjean strives harder every year. He became a prominent part of a bloody student rebellion. This whole journey proves to be Valjean’s road to redemption. It will provide you a chance to come and see what Valjean redeemed.

The play has a brilliant fresh look and feel. It is very intense and thought provoking. Every bit of this dramatic presentation has been prepared and performed by a cast of students. However you cannot tell if they are students or pros. Tis his two act, operetta had been delivered just like any hit Broadway show. No wonder it has been a commercial success and is still in running. Critics argues that the School Edition is similar to earlier productions and performance. However, the thing that makes it different from them are the design of the drama. The musical deeply roots in French history, art/architecture, politics, religion, and philosophy and city life in Paris. At the same time its stresses on expressions like romance, love and passion. All these things have made this version of the play vey popular.

Les Misérables- school edition is a musical that has been made possible with the efforts of Claude Michel Schonberg. Hugo’s story has been told by Schonberg’s beautiful music. Herbert Kretzmers lyrical magic has made this musical even more alluring. Orchestration arrangements by John Cameron give and extra dimension and depth the trio of Boubilil, Jean March Natel and James Fenton have worked on that original French text. Their work has helped revive the time and era on the stage.

The School Edition is the abridged version of the original. It has cuts from the original London show and also has critical scenes and songs. Some of the cuts have helped in abridging and spreading it over two hours. Hugo’s epic story is told by mesmeric songs like Stars (by Javert), Castle on a Cloud, Dog Eats Dog (by Thénardier) and A Little Fall of Rain (by Marius and Éponin). Although they have been cut short as well, but they retain their splendor. All these song recount the French struggle against the rulers for suppressing and oppressing the poor.

This version of the Les Misérables has brought fourth an inspirational story to the new generation. This classic has touched millions of hearts all around the world. It uncovers the universal truth of “loving people as a way to find God”. This truth has had a lasting impact on not just the audiences but everyone who is a part of this superb production. Come and experience this larger-than-life drama with sheap Les Misérables- School Edition tickets. Book your deals now!