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Thu24 Dec 202006:00:PM Milton Keynes Theatre,Milton Keynes,milton-keyJack and the Beanstalk
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As the critics claim it to be a fast moving, totally entertaining and modern, Jack and the Beanstalk is known to every child since ages. An imaginary and engrossing story of a giant and a young boy Jack, the story is reminiscent of the tough times the family goes through in life. A traditional English fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk is a tale with a number of close associations with various versions. The first printed version of the story is thought to be written by Benjamin Tabart who focused on the moralizing aspect of the tale. Later Joseph Jacob rewrote it in 1890 in English Fairy tale but it lacked the moralizing aspect. Still many claim Jacob’s version to be more appealing and entertaining.

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About Jack And The Beanstalk

The idea to transform the traditional fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk into a musical hit the spot like anything. It was appreciated and witnessed with much zeal as the first show hit the stage. The story is about a young boy jack and his mother who live a life of poverty but as they sell their only treasure cow, they get magic beans. Although initially jack’s mother thinks of them as a crap but eventually becomes a source of riches as Jack steals goods from giant’s castle with the help of his wife. The famous lines “fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of Englishmen” have given popularity to the tale like none other.
A number of versions and similarities of the tale can be found in children’s literature and the classical literature as well. In Shakespeare’s King Lear the words Fee Fi Fo Fum can also be seen. For young children it is nothing but an entertainment full of imagination, magic and wonder. As Jack trades his cow instead of those magical beans the world changes in a jiffy and he yearns to reach up the beanstalk into the castle. Will he be able to get something worthwhile from up there or will it be an utter despair for him and his mother?
Learn more about Jack’s adventurous journey as Jack and the Beanstalk tickets will assure your presence at the arena this season. The young kids in your family will be delighted to see the characters coming alive which they once imagined while reading. An experience of a life time will be truly educative and learning for the young children which they will cherish for sure.  Grab the chance as cheap Jack and the Beanstalk tickets are worth attaining. Not only will the show entertain your young minds but the excitement of asking queries to the characters after the show gives it an added kick. Get ready for a time worth spending with your family while not to forget the little kids accompanying you too.
Although a century old fairy tale, yet the charismatic appeal it has cannot be compared with any other show being staged. In the musical of Jack and the Beanstalk a couple of characters have been added thus giving it a much appealing look on stage. Madam Fortune, Mayor Greedy and Sarah have been added thus giving this fairytale a look of a musical with the incorporation of music and dances that make it even more attractive and enchanting to watch. Avail this chance to delight the young kids in the family this season and relish the beautiful performance by the characters that come alive on stage right before your eyes. With the singing cow and vegetables dancing around the stage, the colorful ambiance and the magnificent light effects all add to the charisma of the musical. The lyrics and music is just apt and fits well with the situations thus making the performance worth watching this season. Give a treat to your young ones and gather them to the musical of this season. Nothing can hold them back for the fun will make them go crazy this season. Relish the musical like you have never done before!

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