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Imago Theatre Berkeley Tickets

Come and witness the universal nature and appeal of Imago theater’s works at the Zellerbach Hall, UCal Berkley this summer. The Imago Theater is an acclaimed artistic creator of some of the best loved theatrical shows in the U.S. The Imago has been around since 1979, presenting audiences with great original productions. It was an effort of Jerry Mouawad and Carol Triffle who wanted to make sophisticated theatrical show that were highly entertaining for audiences of all kinds and ages.  Imago’s originality and creative has brought forth shows that have a Universal appeal. Its shows have enjoyed population and appreciation a across Asia, North America and Europe.

About Imago Theatre Berkeley Tickets

Frogz! is one of Imago theater’s best loved shows, It is currently on tour in California and will be visiting Berkeley really soon. With Imago Theater Berkley tickets, you can enjoy everything like musical chairs with penguins, oversized frogs performing calisthenics, huge alligators mocking at the audience, cat suck in a paper and a whole lot more. Frogz! is the best example of the Theatre's signature work. It has everything from puppetry to acrobatics and illusion. This staging has a very inventive and has a very clever plot. It is known to keep audiences engaged from curtain rise to fall.  The spontaneous physical moves, goofy creatures, giggles, wiggles and jiggles make Frogz! a truly wonderful theatrical event. It is pure family fun with friendly entertainment and simplicity that you will surely love. Get hold of your deals. Cheap Imago Theater Berkley tickets are also available. Book them in advance.