The Frog Prince Continued Chicago show is a parody or an extension to the classic story that aims to answer the question that is always on everyone’s mind—what happens after the happily ever after? Classics and fairytales have always conveniently ended where the Princess and the Prince finally reunite and all the troubles are gone. This story, which was first released in 1991, presents its take on what might have happened once the Frog turned back to a prince. This witty story by Jon Scieszka is sure to raise some eyebrows, so do not miss out on Frog Prince Continued Chicago tickets.

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The play deals with the unglamorous woes of married life which are only accentuated by the fact that the Frog Prince still has some residual amphibian habits left. He wishes to lounge about his palace and eat flies like he did on his old lily pad, but the princess would have no lazy bloke for her husband. This leads to more quarrels, and the prince finally decides to leave. As he journeys on to find someone who could make him a frog again, he meets with some familiar situations—a red poisoned apple and a ball that ends at midnight amongst the list. Walking through the woods alone with all these strange people and their lives makes him realize that what he had with the Princess was far better.
People who want to attend the show should get cheap Frog Prince Continued Chicago tickets for a happy ending they would not expect to see.

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Q:When is frog and the princess chicago apollo theater?

A:To check out when the show is taking place, please visit the Frog Prince Continued Chicago Tickets page.