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El Chavo Animado is one of the most famous animated series especially amongst the Hispanic community. The series has enthralled and fascinated millions around the world with its captivating storyline and comical elements. The series is renowned amongst the Hispanics for generations and continues to fascinate the audience. The show is actually based on a Live TV show of the same name. The original TV series was the actual source of El Chavo Animado’s massive popularity. The Live TV series dominated the Mexican channels throughout the seventies until early nineties. The animated series began in 2006 and it continues its inspiring run on TV. The animated series spawned a theater production of the show “El Chavo: the live show.” The theater production has garnered rave reviews and praises from critics for its elaborate performances and enchanting acts that are highly exhilarating. The theater production follows the animated series and features life size characters in animated form. The show capitalizes on the fame and reminiscence of the original series, attracting masses to the event.  Witnessing the humorous show unravel live on stage is a spectacular experience. By acquiring El Chavo Animado tickets, the audience can make sure to catch the show that has spell-bounded generation after generation.

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About El Chavo Animado

The original TV sitcom was created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos for Mexican television. The show became extremely popular amongst several countries including United States, Spain, and Brazil. During the mid seventies, the show saw its peak and it had over three hundred and fifty million viewers worldwide. During this time, the show was the most watched television show on Mexican TV. The show followed a story of a poor orphan El Chavo, and other characters inhabiting an apartment building. The show’s creator himself played the title character, which became a common name on Mexican TV network. The show appeared on Mexican TV network in 1971 and had a prosperous run before it was canceled in 1980. However, the show was still produced until 1992 by “Chespirito” and it continued to enjoy mass appeal. The original series comprised of ten seasons and around two hundred and ninety episodes. The show used “The Elephant Never Forgets” that was a playful version of Beethoven’s Turkish March,” as its theme music. The show is still very famous in South American countries including Peru and Brazil, where the show has an established cult following of younger generation. The US television networks Telefutura and Galavision started broadcasting the show in 2011, whereas the Brazilian edition of “Cartoon Network” aired the show in 2010.
El Chavo Animado, the animated series based on the original TV show, was aired in 2006. The animated series came into being after several successful reruns of the original. The Anima Studio created the animated series and it intended to capture the memories and success of the original series. Televisa televised the show in Latin America including Mexico, and dedicated a huge marketing budget for the show. The animated series was developed using flash for 2D drawings and 3D computer models. El Chavo Animado was dubbed in English and other languages to be broadcasted to a wider audience, however, the dubbing of the show proposed several problems due to the difficulty of translating the common phrases used by the characters into foreign language. Over hundred episodes have been aired of the animated series and it is currently running the fifth season. The show was able regenerate the hype and popularity that was enjoyed by the original television series. The show received positive reviews and managed to develop and retain the same level of interest of audience especially of the younger generation.
The success of El Chavo Animado also gave birth to the critically acclaimed stage show of the animated series “El Chavo: the live show.” The theatre production was created using the animated series format and story lines. The live show features foot thumping music along with humorous scenes filled with colorful masks and costumes for the actors. The make-up and costumes of the stage actors manages to strike an extremely close resemblance to that of animated characters. The El Chavo: the live show reveals the story in which Mr. Barriga plans to sell the neighborhood to Rufino Malacar who promises exceptional benefits to residents in return for keeping the neighborhood in perfect conditions. By grabbing cheap El Chavo Animado tickets, the audience can make sure to experience the riveting and humorous theater production for a memorable and enchanting journey.

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