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Duck for President is based on the self-titled New York Bestseller Book by Doreen Cronin. The musical has a light story that has a universal appeal and has been appreciated by people of different age groups. Duck for President Portland show is one of its latest productions hitting the stage. Duck for President is the story of a duck that lives on a farm and is tired of his monotonous life. He often wonders that if he gets a chance to become the head farmer his life would be much more interesting than it is now. So he decides to hold elections to take his master’s position. He runs a campaign and gets successful but much to his surprise just after a few days of hard work, he finds out that even this job isn’t what he expected it to be.

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He then runs the campaigns again and getting votes from the fellow ducks make it to the position of the President of the United States. This was the highest rank that he could reach but feels that the glamour he was looking for is still missing. At this point, the story takes an unexpected turn and surprises the audiences. What does the duck do to make himself satisfied with his work? You can only find this out by purchasing Duck for President Portland tickets for the show. So plan your purchase now and get a chance to buy cheap Duck for President Portland tickets for the show!

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