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This year’s Disney Junior Live on Tour promises fans exciting shows and tons of entertaining events. With the Pirate and Princess Adventure, fans from all over the world will be highly entertained. Purchase Disney Junior Live Pirate Fort Wayne tickets to be a part of one of the greatest events of the year. The story revolves around Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse with the Pirate Jake and Princess Sofia. The show starts with ‘The Check-Up Song’. The audience will behold the adventure of Sofia in Enchancia where she prepares for the annual friendship festival, during which she is visited by Cinderella.

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We then join the adventure of Jake in Never Land as he tries to locate a treasure in a volcano. He engages in a battle with Captain Hook who is also looking for the treasure. Peter Pan makes a guest appearance in Jake’s battle and helps him reach his destination. The event will be full of adventure and action, one that only Disney can produce through their fantasy worlds. If you like Disney Junior events, you will surely like The Pirate and Princess Adventure. Purchase your Disney Junior Live Pirate Fort Wayne tickets online today and get a chance to see your favorite Disney characters live. The event promises to be fun for both adults and children alike. You just need to know a bit about Disney characters to enjoy the event.