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The show originated from the US and was broadcasted on multiple kids-oriented channels throughout the world. The first run of the show was broadcasted in September 2009 and its popularity increased after a few episodes. The characters from the show became favorites among the kids and this led to the beginning of another season of the series. The show has had two seasons so far. It features the cherished creatures of the past, the dinosaurs, and their adventurous journey on a train, which they joyfully call the Dinosaur Train.

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About Dinosaur Train Live

Dinosaur Train Live tickets is a story about the Pteranodon family and their adventurous journey to different lands across the world. Buddy, who is the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon, plays the lead of the show. Along with his sibling, he sets to explore different historical regions and species of the dinosaurs and compare his ancestors’ features with the present dinosaurs in an innocent and amusing way. Shiny, who is pompous of her shiny skin and tends be the team leader, is another jolly character from the show.
Tiny is the sister of Buddy. She is very vocal and merry and loves to interact and sing jingles. Don is the loyal brother of Buddy and is famous for his funny jokes and mischievous behavior. Conductor Troodon is another likeable character who monitors the train and makes curiosity and learning, fun for everyone. All these fantastic and heartwarming characters will come to life on stage. The beauty and pleasure of the show is augmented by the breathtaking vistas and images that are projected via the multimedia and will turn the animated show into a real life experience for the audience.
The storyline of the show is intelligently woven by the creator of the animated series Craig Bartlett, who with his amazing artistry makes the story captivating as well as informative. The show blends the long time fascination of kids for the ancient dinosaurs with the theatrical dimensions to form "Dinosaur Train Live". All the characters of the show assume different personas and present distinctive moods that add variety to the show and make it lively for the audiences. Besides that, the colorful train that passes from different landscapes and even goes undersea to discover the relics of the past sea creatures, makes the show a visual treat for the viewers. In the recent run of its show, "Dinosaur Train Live" hits Bergen Performing Art Center, Englewood soon. Don’t miss out on the cheap Dinosaur Train Live tickets and have fun watching the adventures of your favorite characters live on stage.

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