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There is hardly any American who is not familiar with the fairy tail of Cinderella, how she was mistreated by her stepmother, how she went to a ball and fell in love with the Prince and how her stepsisters behaved with her. It is a story everyone has read in books and seen in both cartoons and films. This particular musical, Cinderellas Wedding, takes off from where the story left off and showcases the wedding itself between Cinderella and the prince. And who is behind this fabulous musical? Rhode Island’s very best, Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre, that has been producing numerous fairytale musicals for children as well as other programs for children.

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About Cinderellas Wedding

This musical’s story starts from where the original Cinderella fairy tale ended with Cinderella engaged to the Prince and getting ready for her wedding. But little does Cinderella know that things are not going to turn out that easily. In fact, Cinderella now finds herself in the middle of another situation. The story starts off from the engagement of the Prince and Cinderella with Cinderella preparing for her wedding and very excited about it. However, an ambassador from Spain visits the royal palace and brings with him an ancient document that has a pact on it between the Spanish kingdom and Cinderella’s kingdom. This document says that the Prince, Cinderella’s Prince Charming, is betrothed to the Princess of Spain through an agreement made between the old kings.
Thus Cinderella finds herself in yet another adventure and the danger of the Prince being taken away from her. What does she do? Does she simply give up or does she fight to end for her Prince? What does the Prince do? What does the Princess of Spain feel? Is the document even real? So many questions but the answers can be gotten only if you grab the very Cheap Cinderellas Wedding tickets. With these in hand, you can then see this spectacular musical for yourself and get all the answers you want. You will be transported into a world filled with fantasy and awe. In fact, you will even forget that you are part of the audience and sitting in front of a stage; instead you will find yourself in the middle of the musical participating directly in the life and struggle of Cinderella.
Cinderella has awed children all over the world in different countries and races since it was written a century ago. It has been reproduced many times and has been turned into cartoons, into films and even into parodies of the films as well as different versions with some in which Cinderella is played by a man. Some of these films have Cinderella living in the modern age. The story of a mistreated stepdaughter who gets a chance to go to a ball held by the king looking for a wife for his prince is instantly a hit with every child all over the world. Children are held in suspense when the first dress that Cinderella makes is torn by her stepsisters but are relieved when her fairy godmother shows up. That is the magic of Cinderella.
Thus, a production of the Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre kicks off from where Cinderella left off in a sequel that is definitely a must see for children all over the world. In fact, families can also attend and this will be an excellent opportunity for parents to bond with their children and have an excellent family outing watching this spectacular musical. So, with these Cinderellas Wedding tickets in hand, go and watch Cinderella battle against an ancient pact!
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