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Columbus Children Theatre provides live theatrical education as well as stages several productions for children every year. The little children from all backgrounds are taught theatrical art skills through several different programs. With the help of these children and other staff, several stories for children are brought to life every year and people from all around the city gather to catch these inspiring live shows. This summer season, Columbus Children Theatre is bringing the famous classic fairy tale Cinderella to life. To attend this live event with your little ones, you can now book cheap Cinderella tickets as well.

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Cinderella Theatrical Production

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Cinderella Birmingham Children's Theatre at the BJCC Birmingham Saturday
12/2/2017 2:30 PM
Children's Theatre of Cincinnati: Cinderella Taft Theatre Cincinnati Saturday
12/9/2017 2:00 PM
Ragtag Theatre's Cinderella Chappaqua Performing Arts Center Chappaqua Saturday
12/9/2017 2:00 PM
Cinderella Birmingham Children's Theatre at the BJCC Birmingham Saturday
12/9/2017 2:30 PM
Cinderella Taft Theatre Cincinnati Sunday
12/10/2017 2:00 PM

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About Cinderella Theatrical Production

Columbus Children Theatre is now bringing Cinderella to the stage. It is a famous tale from the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. The story revolves around a girl named Cinderella who lives with her step mother and two step sisters who have never treated her fairly. One day, when the whole town’s elites are invited to a ball where the prince is supposed to choose his future bride, Cinderella’s mother makes her sew gowns for herself and her daughters while disallows her to attend the ball. After making their hair and getting them ready, Cinderella feels very sad and starts to cry alone.
While she is still crying, a fairy godmother pops out of thin air and tells Cinderella that she will help her in making it to the ball. Still crying, Cinderella tells her that she does not have anything appropriate to wear to such an exclusive event. Fairy godmother shakes her wand and out of nowhere appears a beautiful ball dress. However, the fairy godmother warns her that the magic can last only till midnight so she has to return before the clock strikes 12. Cinderella happily hops into a beautiful carriage and makes it to the party just in time.
When Cinderella arrives at the ball, the prince’s eyes fall upon her and he instantly likes her and asks her for a dance. After dancing for a while, the prince makes up his mind that this girl is going to be his future bride. While they are still dancing, Cinderella realizes that it’s almost 12. Apologizing, she runs out of the ballroom in frenzy. The prince follows her down the stairs but Cinderella doesn’t stop. However, one of her shoes falls on the stairway. The prince is left with nothing but a slipper to find the girl he has fallen for. Will he find her and will Cinderella’s evil stepmother and stepsisters let her marry him? Find out in a live theatrical setting at the Columbus Children Theatre by getting your Cinderella 2017 tickets.
The Artistic Director of Columbus Children Theatre’s recent production of Cinderella is William Goldsmith. He has an experience of more than three decades in the industry and is known for having directed some of the finest children theatrical shows. He has written around thirty-five scripts for children based events and has produced several musicals and plays. These shows have toured all around the state and have entertained a crowd of more than 800,000 children. Some of his best known works are adaptations of The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and "The Sound of Music."
The funny thing about the upcoming Columbus Children Theatre’s Cinderella show is that the part of the evil stepsisters is actually played by male artists, so as to give them a touch of manliness and a more sinister appearance. It is a thirty-minute show and is open for everyone above the age of three. Columbus Children Theatre is a blue-painted beautiful arena with a very colorful interior for the children to enjoy and inspire them to be more imaginative. If you wish to be a part of the upcoming live event, make sure you book the Cinderella tickets in advance so that you can take your little ones along with you and make their day brighter!


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