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Pushcart Players is a premier touring theatre from New Jersey for young audiences. It is an award-winning professional theatre that specializes in Arts in Education Workshops, Field Trips to Performing Arts Venues and School Assembly Programs. All the programs are delivered by the finest arts educators and artists of this field resulting in bringing the best of performing arts to the local theaters and young viewers at schools. With over 39 years of excellence in theatre programs for young as well as the adults, Pushcart Players offers fully orchestrated, costumed and mounted productions. Among their famous theater programs include “Let the Freedom Ring,” “A Season of Miracles,” “Happily Ever After,” “Cuentos Del Arbol (Tree tale),” “Stone Soup and other stories,” “The Last, The Very Last…Butterfly,” “Happily Ever After – A Cinderella Tale” and “Little Red riding Hood.”

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About Cinderella Pushcart Players

Ruth Fost is the brain behind the Pushcart as well as the Cinderella tale with its music provided by Larry Hochman and Laurie Hochman. Fost from North Caldwell, aged 70, along with her two colleagues founded this children theatre company in 1974 and named it Pushcart Players. Situated at Bloomfield Avenue, the company arranges around 400 performances every year which includes workshops and other programs as well. The 30 original shows of Pushcart Players have been written or co-written by Ruth. The company has been touring for 34 years now in US as well as other parts of the world, hence is called the touring theatre. According to the New York Times, Pushcart Players is “a polished and knowing theatre company [and] a felicitous event for children.”
This year get a chance to watch Happily Ever After – A Cinderella Tale with your Cinderella-Pushcart Players tickets and spend some fun time with your kids. Pushcart has also made two guest appearances at the White House and performed at several events in Czech Republic and Soviet Union. This dynamic company has been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for their prime time special productions on WCBS – TV.  Not only this, the company was recipient of many awards of excellence and innovation in the theatre developments for young audiences. With cheap Cinderella-Pushcart Players tickets, watch “Happily Ever After – A Cinderella Tale” and increase your theatre experience that will also help your kids gain knowledge in arts.  
All the programs offered by Pushcart Players are meant to foster arts basics and help children in developing skills of critical thinking, self-discipline and problem solving. Let your kid be a part of magic and learn some great things meanwhile. “Happily Ever After – A Cinderella Tale” will take you on a magical journey where you will see the beautifully costumed characters performing to the beats of music. Watch how a journey fueled by inner beauty, kindness and courage triumphs over arrogance, greed and bullying. Fulfilling the core curriculum standards, this enduring story embedded with beautiful musicals is going to be a learning opportunity for not only the children but also adults. This is what is called the true essence of arts in education.
The legendary classic tale which was first told in China more than a thousand years ago as “Cinderella” is re-named as “Happily Ever After – A Cinderella Tale.” Since this is a tale about overcoming adversity, no one gets tired of hearing this story or is never too old for it. This is a story about dreaming new dreams, about generosity, compassion and goodness. It’s perhaps about all those things that one needs to learn, for instance the importance of making good choices in life and then being responsible for them. No matter what the reason, audience loves the fun, the music, magic and the beautiful zany characters. With Cinderella-Pushcart Players tickets, you are going to enjoy this wondrous journey from a long time ago as it reaches its ‘happily ever after’.  Join this delightful piece of art by booking your tickets now.

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