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You might have read about Batman in comic books, read novels and watched movies as well. Now is the time to encounter Batman live as he brings his story to stage. So get your Las Vegas Batman Live tickets and watch your favorite superhero on stage. Batman is a character of a superhero in comics first appearing in 1939 in Detective Comics. This fictional character was created by Bob Kane and scripted by Bill Finger. Originally known as The Bat-man, he is also recognized by other titles such as The World’s Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight, and The Caped Crusader.  Bruce Wayne, a playboy, philanthropist, industrialist and a millionaire of America is the secret identity that The Batman has in the original story. As a child he witnessed the killing of his parents and so he vowed revenge on the murderers and criminals, tempered an oath with a better idea of justice. Wayne trained himself both intellectually and physically and disguised himself as Batman to fight crime. The story became very famous and the character was recognized widely soon after it was introduced.

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Batman turned out to be a hit character obtaining great success and was featured in World’s Finest Comics.  In the 1950s among other few superheroes, Batman was also constantly being published. Today, even after so many decades Batman’s character is still alive and now performing live shows across the country. The performers bring the character to life and enact the entire story on stage for you to watch and enjoy. Batman Live show is suitable for children as well.