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The famous Angelina Mouseling will once again entertain thousands of children and families this year as she embraces the US stages in another breathtaking musical show. The character first appeared in Katharine Holabird’s 1983 book. Since then Angelina the mouse has fascinated millions around the globe and continues to spread her magic. The Angelina Ballerina Musical is a fun filled journey that explores Angelina’s passion for dancing and becoming a renowned ballerina. The fans can quickly get their hands on Angelina Ballerina tickets to witness their favorite mouse in another exciting show.

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About Angelina Ballerina The Musical

Angelina Ballerina first became popular amongst children after she appeared in the award winning book series created by illustrator Helene Craig and author Katharine Holabird. Set during the twenties, in the fictional city of Chipping Cheddar, the series comprised of more than twenty books including ‘Angelina at the Royal Wedding’, ‘Angelina’s Ballet Class’, ‘Angelina’s Birthday’, ‘Angelina on Stage’, ‘Angelina at the Fair’ and ‘Angelina’s Christmas’. The popularity of the book series resulted in the development of an animated TV show in 2001. Produced by the UK based company HIT Entertainment, the TV series consisted of forty episodes that managed to further propel Angelina’s fame throughout the world. In 2009, another TV series was produced that employed more advance computer animated graphics. The series titled 'Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps' portrayed a grown up version of Angelina. In this series, the eight year old mouse left her hometown of Chipping Cheddar and relocated to the US to join the Camembert Academy. The new TV series revolved around Angelina’s various encounters at the prestigious dance academy and her passion to become an established ballerina.  Directed by Davis Doi, the animated series saw several artists lending their voices to the show including Emily Blunt, Justin Bieber, Hilary Duff, Jen Pringle and Naomi Wilkinson. Other characters joining Angelina in the new series were her friends, family and teachers including Matilda Mouseling, Maurice Mouseling, Ms. Mimi Jane, Marco Fernando and Alice Bridgette.
In 2007, the first live stage production of the Angelina Ballerina was presented by the English National Ballet. Inspired by the animated TV series ‘Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps’, the musical show became an instant hit amongst the audience. Since then, the stage production has become a major entertainment hub for families, who come to see Angelina Mouseling live in action. The intriguing story line revolving around Angelina’s time at the Camembert Academy along with catchy music tunes and dance numbers make the show an exciting family affair. Angelina and her friends prepare a special performance for a guest invited by the academy. The show features various forms of dances including ballet, the Irish jig, modern dance and hip hop. This year, the musical production will be showcased by the VITAL Theatre Company. Recipient of numerous awards and accolades, the VITAL Theatre has staged breathtaking theatrical wonders over the years that have enthralled masses.
Established in 1999, the company has showcased over seventy five original productions, winning two ‘Awards for Excellence’ and the ‘Off Broadway Alliance Award’. The show is based on the music of Ben Morss whereas the lyrics and book have been provided by Susan Dilallo. The parents are already on a look out for cheap Angelina Ballerina tickets. The Angelina Ballerina Musical is a family adventure that can be enjoyed by children of age three to twelve. The light hearted musical show features captivating plot, lively dance performances, appealing music and a highly educational experience for the young ones. The audience can become a part of this exciting journey by getting their hands on the Angelina Ballerina tickets and treat their children to a memorable show this season.

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