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500 Words Competition is a combined presentation of BBC Radio 2 and Hay Fever. The competition is held by Chris Evans from the Breakfast Show, and children under thirteen can participate. The show invites children under the age of 13 from all around United Kingdom to work up their imagination and submit their stories of 500 words. A panel of judges sits and evaluates these stories and chooses top 50. The parents of these 50 children are invited on the annual festival where the stories by their children are read in the live broadcast of ‘Chris Evans Breakfast Show’. Cheap 500 Words tickets are now available on our website!

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About 500 Words

Chris Evans is a British broadcaster and producer for television and radio. His breakfast show is BBC Radio 2’s flagship show and was started on January 11th 2010. The program is broadcasted on the weekdays in the early hours of the day from 6:30 to 9:30am. The show includes various segments, some of them being “Big Screen Belters”, “Head to Headlines”, “Listeners Breaking News”, “70’s Smasher” and “Top Tenuous”. He has currently launched the 500 Words Competition arranged in partnership with “The Hay Festival of Arts and Literature”.
Some of the conditions implemented by BBC Radio 2 for the 500 Words Competition include, anyone above thirteen years of age is not eligible for the competition and the story written has to be fictional and about 500 words in length. It further states that only one entry per contestant is allowed, before submitting of the story, parents and guardians are supposed to approve it, the work should be original and the child’s own and the entries should not have any sort of offensive or obscene matter.
500 Words Competition’s panel of judges includes some very well-known names. Anthony Horowitz, Oliver Jeffers, Dame Jacqueline, Howard Jacobson and David Williams are the part of the team. Horowitz is known as among the most popular male children’s writers across United Kingdom. Some of his bestselling books include, “The Power of Five”, “Alex Rider” and “The Diamond Brothers”. He is also writing a new Sherlock Holmes novel with permission from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate. Jeffers has written seven international bestselling novels, which include, “Lost and Found”, “How to Catch a Star” and “Up and Down”.
Jacobson is a broadcaster as well as an award-winning author of “The Mighty Waizer”, “The Act of Love”, “Kalooki Nights” and “The Finkler Question”. Jacqueline Wilson is the writer of award winning books that include, “The Story of Tracy Beaker” and “The Illustrated Man”. Williams is a comedian, writer and an actor. His recent children novel ‘Billionaire Boy” was a great hit. This panel of skilled writers reads all the stories that are submitted, short-listing the best. The winners and invitees for the festival are announced in the Breakfast Show.
In past about 28,000 stories were submitted and the judges found them all deeply inspiring. They also commented on some of the stories being “seriously scary” and edgy, showing children’s natural interest towards spooky stuff. Altogether it was a great experience and fun going through all the creative writings, say the judges. Chris Evans, along with the panel of judges, short-lists 50 contestants, who are invited to the Hay Festival, where five finalists are announced and one winner is decided in the end. The top five stories are broadcasted on the radio as dramas, and are published in the newspaper. To be a part of this inspiring festival, book your 500 Words tickets from our website today!

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