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Cadillac Palace with all its awe, immensity and magnificence - has contributed to the performing arts with a lengthy history.  This century-old theatre has proudly hosted mega concerts, performances and musicals. Time and again, it warmly welcomes you into its marble corridors, adorned with gold leafing and wooden decorations. This time it is Wicked Witch calling you to her palace.

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It is time for a real party as your favorite musical arrives in your city. You will see a new side to Elphaba as soon and as fast as her broomstick carries her from the Land of Oz to Cadillac Palace. She is ready to unveil her story of how people misunderstood and mistook her for the Wicked Witch. The novel as well as the musical is an eye-opener and an insight into the life of Elphaba. The storyline is bewitching as it talks of the untold story of two witches from the east and west. In actuality there is nothing wicked about it; it is an unforgettable story of friendship that unites two strangers into an inseparable bond of friendship.

It is a complete package of drama, utopia, mirth, speculations and ultimately friendship. Find out more about Elphaba and Glinda, the circumstances that bring the two East-West witches together and the biggest myth as to who will marry the guy they both are in love with. Grab Wicked Cadillac Palace Tickets on a discount and get ready to dance to the tunes of one of the most popular musicals in the theatre history.

Wicked has worked its magic through captivating storyline, catchy music and extraordinary characters. The musical premiered seven years ago and immediately became a huge hit. Taking its inspiration from the bestselling novel by Gregory Maguire, the show is based on the theme of friendship, betrayal, sacrifices and courage. The classic musical has been adapted for stage by Winnie Holzman and is directed by Joe Mantello. Stephen Schwartz has come up with a splendid musical score and the fans are treated to dramatic as well as jaunty numbers, along with romantic ballads.

The sensational musical weaves the audiences through an exhilarating and heart rending journey. Wicked is an ingenious back-story to the Wizard of Oz and reveals the relationship between the two witches, Glinda and Elphaba. Elphaba starts out as green-fleshed, kindhearted girl whose defying nature earns her the title, "Wicked Witch of the West".  Glinda in contrast, is ambitious and self-absorbed, however her friendly attitude made her very popular and she got known as the, "Good Witch of the South". The plot sees a twist when the two girls fall in love with the same person, hence making Wicked a timeless story of friendship tested by jealousy and insecurities.

The production team has done a wonderful job and everything from the set design to the costumes and special effects is brilliant. To witness the magnificence of the show, buy your Wicked Chicago Tickets now! It’ll be an experience you won’t forget for a long time.

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