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Jennifer Jones says “It Just seems like we don’t talk”. Bob Jones replies “What are we doing right now? Math?” Such is the conversation that goes between Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the protagonists of the upcoming Broadway production, ‘The Realistic Joneses’. The play has features of humor and enigma into the storyline and manages to keep the audiences on their toes till its length, leaving them breath-taken till the end. To fully appreciate the beauty of the play, one needs to watch the performance in person. Get The Realistic Joneses tickets today for yourself and your family and get to the theatre to be thrilled by this amazing piece of art.

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About The Realistic Joneses


According to the New York Times, the production is a gentle, hilarious and wonderful new act which stars some of the best actors in the theatre world today. The Realistic Joneses is written by the Pulitzer Prize winner Will Eno. His signature style of starting the story with a perfectly ordinary setting and then diffusing into an interesting scenario can also be seen in this play. Like all his other productions, the storyline suddenly takes a twist and nobody can guess what is going to come next throughout the show. In addition to Will Eno, the production team includes the director Sam Gold. Both these talented minds have drafted a play that brings as much laughter to the public as excitement and makes them both happy and anxious about the bends in the story.


As if it wasn’t enough, the all-star cast of the play has added more magic to the production with their performances. The lineup of actors include the Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei, Academy nominated Toni Collette, Golden Globe Award winner Michael C. Hall and Tony Award winner Tracy Letts. Revolving around a setting that appears to belong to an everyday situation with neighbors, friends and family, the play beautifully highlights the intricacies of love and life with a touch of mystery and lots of humor that will send laughter spells all over the audiences.


The Realistic Joneses opened in 2012 at the Yale Repertory Theatre in Connecticut for the first time and premiered on Broadway last year at Lyceum Theatre. Both times the critical as well as commercial reception for the play was excellent. The simplicity and the craftiness of the story and direction made this comedy play as much delightful for regular theatre goers as for new audiences.


The story starts with a middle aged couple treading the waters of life, trying to stay afloat. This couple, Jennifer and Bob Jones project a rough patch and weariness in their relation. The acerbic manner of their communication, however, gives bouts of laughter to the audiences. As the story progresses, these Joneses met another couple John and Pony who also coincidentally share the sir name Jones. John and Pony Jones are their new neighbors and they seem to have a lot of difficulty in keeping their relationship intact as well. The distinctive manner of each character presents an interesting situation and despite giving an air of individuality to each of them, it strongly emphasizes the commonality in human beings. There are also parts where the characters hint at outer world which seems to be going fine, unlike their own. Such instances make the audiences actually relate to the play.


In today’s world of theatre and entertainment, where almost every play revolves around love, deception and the like topics, ‘The Realistic Joneses’ provides a room to breathe and an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time watching a play. The Realistic Joneses tickets are selling out very fast as the reviews coupled with the cast has rendered it impossible for the theatre lovers not to get attracted to this production. Hurry and get your tickets too before the stocks deplete.


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