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Nearly twenty years down the road, and once again The Lion King will roar in Princess of Wales Theatre Toronto. This brightly colored spectacle is an epic musical play where the all time favorite Disney character, Simba, comes to life. The play takes the audience on a mythical journey through the African savanna to discover the meaning of life. To witness one of the most popular stage musicals in the world, get your hands on the Lion King Toronto tickets today.

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A stage adaptation of The Lion King debuted just three years after the animated movie’s release in 1997 and since then it has bagged the title of Highest-Grossing Broadway Show of all time. With Oscar-winning sound score by Elton John and Tim Rice, this Julie Taymor’s stage production has been translated into eight different languages and has been seen by over seventy million people worldwide.


The Lion King is an inspiring coming-of-age chronicle set in the African landscape. Among the strutting of Giraffes, leaping of Gazelles, and the swooping of birds, you see the tale of Simba, a lion cub who is forced to grow up in exile after losing his father. Simba then returns to his land to restore his pride and take back what is rightfully his, from his evil Uncle. In short, on a fun-filled evening, Lion King will teach you truths about responsibility, legacy, and the circle of life in a warmly wrapped love tale.  It’s hard to imagine a childhood without a trip to Lion King land and your chance to have this exclusive trip lies with Lion King Toronto tickets.