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Lion King is a musical adapted from the 1994 classic animated movie by Disney. The show is directed by the award winning director, Julie Taymor. With music by the legendary Elton John and lyrics written by Tim Rice, you will not be able to resist swaying and singing along throughout the show.

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The story of the play is about a young lion named Simba, his father Mufasa, who is the king of the jungle, and his uncle Scarface. Scarface kills Mufasa to acquire reign over the jungle. The story revolves around the struggle of Simba to get justice for his father and himself. The musical will have you completely absorbed, as your favorite characters come to life on stage.


Children will not be able to resist leaping off their seats, dancing along their favorite characters. There will be giraffes, birds, monkeys, and many more jungle animal characters to entertain the audience. With the Oscar winning soundtrack, “Can you feel the love tonight,” and the beautifully choreographed dances, this show will take you to an exotic ride to the African wildlife. The Lion King musical is a visual treat for the audience. After all, there is a reason why it bagged half a dozen Tony Awards in 1998. So get your Lion King Cincinnati tickets and enjoy the show.