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As the ‘South Park’ creators bring yet another humorous musical called Book of Mormon at a theatre near you, we advise you to click on your deals and book your cheap Book of Mormon Tickets from us right away! Check out how two young Mormon missionaries set off to spread the word in a dangerous part of Uganda. The Book of Mormon allows you to attune your ears to plenty of big songs and dance numbers from the tap dancing missionaries’ as well African flavored songs from the villagers. The Book of Mormon is not aiming or insulting the Mormon religion instead by using colorful humor the musical brings into lime light the Mormon history and belief system, letting the audiences take which ever route they want in terms of religion and faith. So hire a baby sitter to care of the children at home while you head for some hard hitting laughter at the Book of Mormon tickets show.

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The Book Of Mormon

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Book Of Mormon Kennedy Center Opera House Washington Friday
11/17/2017 7:30 PM
The Book Of Mormon Eugene O'Neill Theatre New York Friday
11/17/2017 8:00 PM
The Book Of Mormon Kennedy Center Opera House Washington Saturday
11/18/2017 1:30 PM
The Book Of Mormon Eugene O'Neill Theatre New York Saturday
11/18/2017 2:00 PM
The Book Of Mormon Prince of Wales Theatre London Saturday
11/18/2017 2:30 PM

About The Book Of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is all set to start in the coming few months and is expected to be highly entertaining. The Broadway version of the book with the same name has been getting immense critical and commercial success since its debut. Terry Parker and Matt Stone’s friendship blossomed during the creation of South Park which is a hit TV series for Comedy Central and later for a musical film titled as South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Robert Lopez was inspired from South Park and had a concept of a musical that would involve Mormonism. All of them decided to join hands and adapt The Book of Mormon for stage. They interviewed missionaries and some ex missionaries in Salt Lake City as part of their research for the musical. Responsibility of being the producer of for the show was given to Scott Rudin who initially planned to stage the show at the New York Theatre Workshop i.e. off Broadway, but later, he opted to take it directly to Broadway.

The Book of Mormon revolves around two young Mormon missionaries. One of them is Elder Price who is a handsome, enthusiastic and an over confident fellow and wants to go to Orlando Florida. He believes that he can be there if he prays hard enough. The other missionary is Elder Cunningham who is an irritating liar and is overweight as well. Both of them are sent to Uganda. Conditions in Uganda are really bad with immense poverty, famine and disease and the locals often swear at the missionaries. Elder Mckinley is another missionary who accompanies them on their trip and uses reminders of turning off like a light switch for his homosexual feelings. Other missionaries already in Uganda were unable to convert the locals to Mormonism but Price believes he can succeed by preaching about Joseph Smith who was an all American Prophet but he cannot impress the locals. The story moves on by Cunningham taking the charge and Price putting up a transfer request for movement to Orlando.

Being on his own, Cunningham lacks knowledge of the Book of Mormon but he starts making up stories by combining Mormon beliefs with cultural ideas and science fiction along with taking ideas from Lord of the rings.  On the other hand, Price ponders about his wrongdoings during childhood and while remembering his nightmares takes a decision of being optimistic about his stay. Cunningham succeeds and baptizes the villagers as they accept Mormonism that leads to visit of senior Mormon leaders and the Mission President to Uganda for congratulating them on their success. Villagers perform a story of Joseph Smith composed by Cunningham that impresses the Mission President. The Mission President tells the missionaries that they will be sent home and informs the local tribe leader’s daughter that they are not Mormons. The villagers act wisely on this depressing news and that makes Price realize that the importance of religion is not truth, but whether it helps people. It also restores the missionaries’ faith and they stay to help the village.

The Book of Mormon received much critical praise mainly for the plot, music and choreography.  Musical score was rated as tuneful and funny by the New York Post which also reported that audience members became sore from laughing hard. Washington Post described the music as one of the most joyously acidic bundles Broadway has unwrapped in years. One of the unfavorable review was given by the Wall Street Journal that called the show as slick and smutty and tunes as jingly-jangly, the lyrics embarrassingly ill-crafted. Church’s response to the musical was considered to be a measured criticism as well. The church’s response included that parody isn't reality, and it's the very distortion that makes it appealing and often funny. The danger is not when people laugh but when they take it seriously-if they leave a theater believing that Mormons really do live in some kind of a surreal world of self-deception and illusion. The church’s response was in line with the Book of Mormon as per the organizers of the show.

The Book of Mormon also garnered numerous theatre award nominations, including fourteen Tony Award nominations winning various awards including Best Musical in New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award. The show successfully manages to strike a balance between comedy that really makes people laugh and music that is good on the ears. It is at the same time old fashioned and new. Because of the immense entertainment value it would make everyone want to watch it again and again. If you do not want to miss out on the chance to see the Broadway show everybody is describing as ingenious, grab you’re The Book of Mormon Tickets today.


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