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It is time to head over to ‘The Lou’ as the beautiful city of Saint Louis is known. If you are in the mood for some entertainment then you are in luck. If you loved the show ‘South Park,’ then don’t miss the upcoming show. Get ready to be amused by the comedy of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. The creative trio behind the smash hit cartoon show (South Park) is now presenting a religious satire musical.

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The Book of Mormon has music by Lopez. It is in essence a comical story about two missionaries who are tasked with the mission of teaching Mormonism in Uganda. The problem arises when they are confronted with a warlord who is bent on putting the lives of the local population in danger. The two missionaries are required to acquaint the locals with their religious book which is the Book of Mormon. However, only one of the two has actually read the content of the scripture which they are preaching. Added to that is the problem of making the content relatable to the locals who are more concerned with everyday problems such as food scarcity, lack of resources and AIDS. For them religion comes pretty lower on the list of priorities. The Book of Mormon Saint Louis tickets show presents such pressing issues in a very light hearted way. You must not miss the upcoming event. Buy Book of Mormon Saint Louis tickets now.