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The Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville is the place to be to catch this award winning play that provides a fresh take on religion and the common man. If you liked ‘South Park’ then you will definitely fall in love with this irreverent satirical musical that has been created by Matt Stone, Robert Lopez and Trey Parker. By now you would have guessed correctly that the show we’re talking about is none other than the ‘Book of Mormon.’

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A fresh take on religion

The reason for the popularity of the musical is the way it presents everyday problems and dilemmas of normal people in a funny way. The story begins with two fresh Mormon missionaries who are sent off to Uganda in order to preach to the locals. There is a civil war going on in Uganda and the people are dealing with problems such as famine, poverty and bloodshed. Making the mission even worse for the two preachers is the fact that only one of them has read the scripture they are supposed to preach to the natives.

Finding a common ground

Not only do the two preachers have to make up for what they don’t know about their religion, but they also have to shape and color it in a way that would appeal to the locals. The way they do it is what makes the musical so appealing to the audience. It presents a fresh perspective on how religion needs to find room in a normal person’s everyday list of priorities as he juggles more pressing matters such as poverty, AIDS, earning a living etc. Be sure to watch it; buy The Book of Mormon Knoxville tickets now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:If I buy 2016 Book of Mormon Knoxville tickets at your website, will you make sure the seats are together?

A:Absolutely, The Book Of Mormon Knoxville Tickets that you buy from our broker are for consecutive seats unless otherwise stated on the tickets. Book your seats and experience this wildly popular musical live.