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Inject a healthy dose of satire and humor into your religious beliefs with The Book of Mormon, a poignant and funny musical that will raise its curtains in Greenville, North Carolina. If you have been a fan of ‘South Park’, the show that ridicules and questions just about everything under the sun, then we have great news for you.  Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez have collaborated to bring to their audience a musical which questions the teachings of religion in the modern world where people have much more pressing and immediate needs. So grab your Book of Mormon Greenville tickets asap.

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The Book of Mormon is a musical which deals with a serious subject in a light hearted manner. However, the message it puts across is still very serious and demanding of one’s attention. The story revolves around two naïve missionaries from the Mormon sect who have been entrusted with the task of preaching the message of their religion in Uganda.  Suddenly thrust into an alien environment where people are more worried about dangers that are closer at hand, such as hunger, poverty and AIDS, the natives are not very welcoming or understanding of the new religion being preached. As it turns out, only one of the two missionaries has read the book they are supposed to be preaching themselves. Their problems are further increased by the fact that a local war chief in Uganda is looking to capture the very village in which the two missionaries are based. It is in this tense and dangerous situation that these two have to convince the locals to switch over to a whole new belief system. The entire story makes for an interesting and funny musical. You should definitely watch it; be sure to buy The Book of Mormon Greenville tickets.


The Peace Center in Greenville will be hosting a number of Broadway shows of the Book of Mormon production. The Grammy Award winning religious satire has been holding shows for almost four years. In such a short time the Book of Mormon has won the hearts of thousands of fans in the UK and the US. It received an overwhelming response after its premiere show in 2011. It has so far won 9 Tony Awards, 6 Drama Desk Awards, 5 Outer Critics Circle Awards and 4 Laurence Olivier Awards. The original Broadway recording of the show released in 2011 and became the highest charting Broadway album in over four years. The album also ranked third on the US Billboard.


The Book of Mormon is a story of two young and aspiring Mormon missionaries, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price.  They have completely opposite personalities. The two are forced to form an unlikely alliance as the church orders them to go to a remote village in Uganda to spread the knowledge about Mormonism. The musical depicts the journey of the two missionaries and the difficulties they face.


The Book of Mormon has been created by Robert Lopez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The team achieved great fame for their animated production, South Park. The Washington Post and the New York Times have given positive reviews about the Book of Mormon. To watch it live onstage, all you need to do is get Book of Mormon Greenville tickets.