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From the creators of South Park, the winner of nine Tony Awards, Book of Mormon is coming to one of the best theatres in your town. The musical took nearly seven years to develop and ensuring perfection made it to the third position on the Billboard Charts just after the release of its recording. Its upcoming production, The Book of Mormon Detroit is expecting more viewership due to the increase in fan following. The musical tells the story of two Mormon missionaries who are at a new mission to share the lessons from the Book of Mormon with the population of a distant village in Uganda. Elder Price and Elder Cunningham plan their visit to save the locals from threats of the brutal warlord by conveying them the religious teachings. As the tale unrolls, personalities of both the missionaries become evident to the audiences.

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Elder Cunningham has never read the Book in real and finds Lord of the Rings and Star Wars far more interesting in comparison to it, while Elder Price dreams of moving to Orlando. Their task of developing people’s interest in religion with hardships such as poverty and AIDS is quite difficult since they have made them bitter towards God. But, in this instant, Cunningham’s efforts to accomplish the mission surprises people. Find out if both the missionaries come home successful or not by buying The Book of Mormon Detroit tickets right away!

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