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The Grammy Award winning musical, The Book of Mormon, is now coming to Appleton.It is centered around two young and naive Mormon missionaries who are sent to a village in Uganda which is being conquered by an evil warlord, causing menace to its population. These two  try to preach about the Book of Mormon and  evoke religious sentiments within the hearts of the villagers. But, these villagers are more concerned about worldly problems such as poverty, war, famine etc.

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The musical was created by Parker and Stone who are well known for the sitcom "South Park". Together with Robert Lopez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone first launched this musical in 2011 on Broadway. Ever since its first premiere, the show has won a Grammy for "Best Musical Theater Album" and nine Tony Awards.The cast of the show has been appeciated for their impeccable performances.


Some of its top music tracks include "Two by Two", "Turn it Off" and "I Believe". The musical is not only entertaining but a hilarious classic l. To watch the musical live, get your Book of Mormon Appleton tickets right away.