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If you are a history and politics buff with a special interest in the American politics, than you are in luck! Not only that 2012 is an election-year but also there is one more feature of this year which will endear it to you; The Best Man, a musical based on behind the scene political maneuverings of two presidential candidates, is being staged this year, in your lovely town! The musical is perhaps a more subtle way of reminding ourselves of how low our political behavior could get. It is also an appropriate commentary on our politicians’ way of life, a rather less than ideal way of life. The Best Man, written by the best American essayist of all time, is surely being staged at the most appropriate time!

About The Best Man

The musical is written by none other than the mighty Gore Vidal himself. If ever you needed a reason to buy The Best Man tickets, this is the one! Off course, a great musical is not entirely the work of its playwright; it takes a team to make a musical, a great musical. Michael Wilson has directed this political drama. Peter Nigrini is the projection designer with John Gromada as sound designer/musician. Kenneth Posner is this musical’s lighting designer and Ann Roth has beautifully designed all the costumes for this marvelous show. This musical also exhibits some mind-blowing sets, thanks to Derek McLane. So this is the star-team of The Best Man.
The production team’s work is off course as good as the collective contribution of the musical’s star-cast! Therefore, some of the best actors were hired to portray the dark machinations of our politicians. You will get to watch big-named actors like Angela Lansbury, Michael McKean, Jefferson Mays, Kerry Butler, Eric McCormack, Candice Bergen, John Larroquette, and James Earl Jones, live in action. You have seen all these stars before but only either on television or in Hollywood movies, it is time that you watch them live in action, before your very eyes! The Best Man tickets are available at discounted rates as well; cheap the Best Man tickets should be bought today!
The precision with which the plot unfolds could have only been the work of Vidal who himself comes from a political background and also contested for the public office. There are three main characters in the musical; President Artie Hockstader, played by James Earl Jones, William Russell, played by John Larroquette, and Joseph Cantwell, played by Eric McCormack. It is said that Vidal’s inspiration for Jones’ role comes from former President Harry Truman. On the other two main characters, Russell’s character largely follows the public life of Adlai Stevenson, and Cantwell’s character was written keeping in mind personalities of Joseph McCarthy, Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy. The Best Man is a real delight for history, politics, and arts buff!
The musical takes you back into the 1960’s America where a new presidential election is to be held and Cantwell and Russell are the two main presidential contenders, belonging to the same party but with totally opposite personalities. Both have skeletons in their closets and both are constantly vying to earn the endorsement of dying President Hockstader. Russell is more of an intellectual type politician who does not believe in mudslinging. However, he has an estranged relationship with his wife, which he would like to keep hidden from public and media. He has also had psychological problems in the past. Cantwell, on the other hand, is a no holds barred type politician, a go getter, who would do anything to secure the party’s nomination. Is Hockstader a mere observer or does he support one over the other and other burning and intriguing questions of yours would be answered once you become part of this awesome musical’s audience!
The tickets are selling like hot cakes, for this musical has every one in awe and those with a special interest in the American politics are plenty in your town! Before all the tickets are gone, and they will be gone eventually, buy The Best Man tickets now and sit through an enigmatic, vibrant, political thriller of a musical!

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