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If you're the kind of person who enjoys dark humor and musicals, The Addams Family Broadway Musical is the show for you. This live show brings back all your favorite characters from the original show and films, including Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Grandma, Thing and everyone else from the family. With a rich, developed storyline which will leave you wanting more, supplemented with wonderful scores and realistic costumes and special effects, it's no wonder that the critics are raving about this musical. Get The Addams Family Wilmington tickets right away.

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In the musical, Wednesday finds herself smitten and the object of her affections is a “normal” boy. Imagine the tension when she tells her father about him. Surprisingly, his main concern is over the fact that he is a regular boy, as the word “normal” is taboo in the Addams household. Observe the unusual turn of events as the bizarre family invites him over for dinner.
With countless award nominations and several wins, this Broadway musical is sure to please any fan of theater. Even those that don't have experience with theater are sure to enjoy this wonderful production. See why this critically acclaimed musical is getting such great reviews from critics and fans. Buy your cheap The Addams Family Wilmington tickets and see the musical at the Dupont Theater.