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Stick Fly is a comedy play that is dubbed to win over audiences with its exquisite and engaging storyline. It is the work of, what numerous critiques claim to be one of the most talented emerging writers in the world today, Lydia R. Diamond. The world of theatre has, over its long and illustrious history, produced some of the finest plays to have graced audiences with their brilliance all around the world. Some of these plays have, over their life, distinguished themselves as the benchmark for every theatrical genre it covers. They have been responsible for bringing millions of people from around the globe to view the magnificent work of the actors, actresses and the entire team involved in each play. Raking in millions of dollars in revenue from their worldwide tours, they have truly set a benchmark for all others to follow in the coming years. One play that shows most promise in this regard has to be Stick Fly, a play which has moved audiences across different geographical regions around the United States. So hot are the ratings that getting a ticket to this awesome play is now considered impossible with tickets selling out as soon as they are made available. You would be a smart person if you book your Stick Fly Tickets today.

About Stick Fly Tickets

Stick Fly is the brainchild of the exquisite writer; Lydia R. Diamond. The woman has been responsible for writing some of the most engaging plays to have hit the world of theatre in recent years. Some of them include the likes of The Bluest Eye, a novel dating back to the 1970’s and been on the receiving end of some excellent reviews. It has a story which has been described as one that everyone can relate to in one way or the other considering how true-to-life the story is. The characters of the show belong to a family who go by the name the LeVays. They are a well off family and living a very good life. The story of play revolves around a particular situation that arises within the family which involves the two sons; each of whom are Harvard University graduates, of the LeVays bringing their girlfriends home for the very first time in order to meet the parents but as a coincidence, they happen to do this on the very same day. Due to the situation that is presented in the starting part of the play, you will be going through a story that will involve some intense rivalry between the two brothers who are trying to show themselves better off than each other in order to impress their girlfriends and their parents. Stick Fly is claiming to have you laughing so hard that you’ll be gasping for breath during some scenes. It is said to involve endless humor which will somehow remind you of instances in your own life and make you connect with its story and characters even more.

Stick Fly is being directed by a person who is considered one of the best African-American directors present in the world today and is most popularly known for his exquisite directing skills in some of the biggest plays ever to appear on the world of Broadway; Kenny Leon. This amazing director was the responsible for the revival of extraordinary plays like A Raisin in the Sun, a play which was nominated for four Tony Awards. The talented director was also credited with a Drama Desk Award nomination for the same play. His upcoming play is dubbed to be one of his best works yet and is sure to win you over. One of the producers of the show is none other than the talented and vastly popular musician; Alicia Keys. The fourteen time Grammy Award winner was said to be extremely pleased with the work put into Stick Fly and wants everyone to get a chance to see this exquisite and memorable play.

It is one of those plays that if you miss going to it the first time and then see it sometime afterwards, you will regret not going to this amazing play in the first place. Every one of you who longs to see an excellent play which will have you satisfied and exhilarated at the end, then this is it. Get your Stick Fly Tickets today so that you too can be among the lucky few who will get a chance to attend this theatrical work of wonder.