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Comedy acts and dramas help our society get a closer look at ourselves, our social attitudes and behaviors in a light and entertaining way. In today's entertainment industry scene, Steel Magnolias the play tickets offer you a chance to witness a classic example of such light humor that carries immense depth in the message it conveys.

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About Steel Magnolias The Play

Written in the background of Louisiana and its Northwest region, the play beautifully exhibits the relations of a group of women from South living there and their bonding with each other. The credit of writing this great play goes to Robert Harling, who, according to his own account, was inspired to write the play after he experienced the death of his sister. The play primarily talks about the female characters, who are tough as steel when it comes to bearing the hardships of life, but at the same time never lose their delicate touch like magnolias.
The focus of the play remains a beauty parlor in Lousiana that is owned by Truvy, who is also one of the leading characters in the play, as well as the regular customers at the parlor. The story primarily revolves around a lady named Shelby, who is a type I diabetic. Shelby gets married to Jackson and the couple decides to have a child even though the lady is sick and has the potential to develop complications during the pregnancy due to her sickness. There are several other smaller side stories that continue through the play involving other customers at the parlor, like Clairee, Oulser, Truvy and Annelle.
Clairee and Oulser get to be friends despite having quite different personalities, and the play takes twists and turns through its course as their relationship gets stronger. Similarly Annelle, who entered the town as a shy girl without much knowledge about the norms and customs of her new hometown transforms with the passage of time into a confident lady who is determined to have some good time in her life. Later on, as the story unfolds further, Annelle turns into a stonch christian and starts taking religion very seriously in her life.
Steel Magnolias the play brings to the audience a beautiful array of small but significant characters and throws light on the determination and strong will power that they exhibit in their daily life matters. Shelby, the leading character of the play has numerous medical problems but has the courage to fight with them in an urge to give life to her child.
Steel Magnolias the play was first performed at WPA Theatre Off Broadway in the New York City in year 1987. The premiere had the direction by Pamela Berlin and had many stars performing in it in the leading roles including Kate Wilkinson, Margo Matindale and Rosemary Prinz. The star studded performance won the hearts of its audience, and the success story for the play started there and then. The show was brought to the UK in 1989 when it was performed at the West End in the Lyric Theatre under the direction of Julia McKenzie. The Broadway career of Steel Magnolias the play started at the Lyceum Theatre in 2005. Apart from the English version, the play has also been performed in many other languages including Japanese and Swedish.
If you are looking for an affordable yet quality stage performance, cheap Steel Magnolias the play tickets can be the best option for you. The performance is unique and classy as evident by all the positive reviews the play has been receiving by both the critics as well as general public, and the long history of successful sold out shows also speak for the success of the play. So do not think further and grab your Steel Magnolias the play tickets soon to have a chance to enjoy the play near your home as they would not be available for sale for long!

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