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Have you been thinking about spending the weekend in a special way? If yes, then here is your chance. One of the most soul-stirring dramas in British history is coming to New York at the John Golden Theatre this year. A creation of famed playwright David Hare, Skylight brings a blend of heart-rending emotions to the audience, thanks to Stephen Daldry’s articulate direction. The Skylight New York tickets have been selling fast; don’t forget to see what the buzz is all about!

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On a frosty London evening, a schoolteacher has an unexpected visit by a former lover. The tale unfolds as the two sit down to a luncheon, seeking to rekindle the flaming desires that once blazed their hearts, only to have a rude awakening at the differences that have crept in. Starring Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy, Skylight narrates a nostalgic account of love lost and found. The naturalistic performances coupled with expert off-stage management have made Skylight a contemporary classic. The show premiering in London’s National Theatre in 1995, received the Olivier Award for “Play of the Year” in 1996 and the Theatre World Special Award for “Outstanding Debut Ensemble” in 1997.


The performing duo has had an acting career spanning decades including film, TV and theatre, making it all the more vivid for the audience. Don’t forget to watch this beautiful performance and in case you’re wondering, that aroma wafting through the hall is Mulligan cooking the spaghetti lunch right there!


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Q:Can I get a refund after I buy Skylight New York 2017 tickets?

A:No, we cannot refund a purchase after you have already bought your Skylight New York Tickets. We strongly suggest you look at all the concert dates to determine which will be the most convenient one for you before making a final decision on buying your actual ticket.