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Talent has no bounds is the perfect way to describe the exceptional artist, William Shatner! He is a leading actor, a recording artist, musician and a brilliant author. Shatner played the character of James T Kirk, as the captain of USS Enterprise in the famous series Star Trek and explored through the adventures in this science fiction series for a number of years. He has also authored well known novels including ‘Tekwars’ that was later adapted for television. The artist is now welcoming you all to the Shatner’s World, his one man Broadway show that will entertain you with his interesting life experiences, witty statements and inimitable musical style. Shatner’s World tickets are in great demand ever since the news of the event was released and has created a buzz in the entertainment industry.

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About Shatners World

Stepping into Shatner’s World will acquaint you with a number of other well known actors, musicians and literary people who have played a major role in William Shatner’s life. His voyage starting from Shakespearean stage as an actor to the internationally known icon will entertain you with a number of events that will let you experience different emotions. The artist will put on stage his personal and professional life and how people important to him influenced him throughout his life.
Shatner’s World is 100 minutes long show that drifts between parody and self parody. The artist will trace his life from the time of growing up in Canada to acting, along with bagging the role of Christopher Plummer in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Boston Legal’ to his musical career. The artist is all set to celebrate his 81st birthday now. All these years being associated with the entertainment industry makes it a second home for him. Artists generally give up on themselves as they reach old age but William Shatner unlike others has still a lot of energy to benefit people with his experiences and entertain them side by side.

Shatner kept a record of the special moments in life by recording videos and making a number of slide shows. He makes the storytelling part of his shows unorthodox and interesting by accompanying it with visuals that actually make you feel a part of the era that is being referred. You will get to see the artist’s youth and his transformation from an ordinary man to being a star.  Apart from this, his TV shows, love of horses, collaboration with Ben Folds and his strange encounter with the famous sign language speaking gorilla ‘Koko’ are all the events that made headlines in their specific eras. To know the real stories behind these events be there at Shatner’s World show.

Besides acquainting the audiences with his life story, the show will be like a lesson for all those upcoming performers who want to achieve big in their professional career. Shatner proves by his narrations that it is just a matter of capitalizing your strengths and making use of the best opportunities in life. The lighter side of Shatner’s World will allow you to come across the changing trends and fashions of different eras. You will actually see the artist getting dressed differently from the fifties to date. Shatner adds the element of fun to his appearances with his witty and sarcastic statements.
With Shatner as the main performer how can the show only comprise of acts and talks! It is incomplete without music! The artist is known for creating magic with his fingers by playing guitar and piano. He comes up with the most unusual tunes that are pleasant to hear. So in short, a visit to the Shatner’s World is like meeting and knowing your all time favorite William Shatner in person. If you are looking for quality entertainment packed with drama, humor and great music then this is surely it. Getting cheap Shatner’s World tickets becomes hard as the event nears. So rush off and get your Shatner’s World tickets while they are still available at affordable rates.

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