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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, from the perspective of Mr. Leonard, just a semicolon is enough to make or break any picture perfect prospects of a manuscript. No, he is not some world-renowned playwright, though he would very much like to think he is, but an acutely dismissive character in the new Broadway offering ‘Seminar’. Featuring Alan Rickman of Harry Potter movie franchise fame as Leonard, Seminar has already garnered rave reviews from notable critics associated with major publications and media outlets. But before you become resolute about whether to get some Seminar tickets or not, depending on whether you are or are not a big fan of Alan Rickman's, there's a whole bevy of fresh and fairly seasoned blood to go around. Their characters hold their own in the face of the verbose onslaught courtesy the incorrigible Leonard. However, don't be too picky in buying Seminar tickets like Leonard is with words as there are plenty of cheap Seminar tickets and discount Seminar tickets up for grabs.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Philadelphia Comedy Academy Afternoon Seminar: Comedy A Through Z Punch Line Comedy Club - Philadelphia Philadelphia Sunday
12/3/2017 2:00 PM

About Seminar

Seminar delineates the experiences of an unsuspecting group of four eager writers who in their quest to make a headway in their novel writing pursuits find themselves in the capable hands of Leonard. More like capable of ripping their dreams apart that is! Compulsive Kat, tightly wound Martin, goofy Douglas and the coquettish Izzy go through the course of the weekly seminars that constitute the writing workshops held in Kat's apartment in the Big Apple. Leonard's unorthodox and seemingly bizarre teaching tactics mask undercurrents of insightful brilliance, as he toys with their inhibitions and self-imposed impediments that affect their writing fecundity. He manipulates their egos to the extent of unleashing his protégés' competitive streaks, which they express in sex laced intrigues, ulterior alliances and decisive emotional ploys, all the while rendering the entire shebang into one hilariously deriding spectacle.
Seminar premiered at Broadway's John Golden Theatre on November 20th this year and in the short period since then has already started wooing audiences young and old alike. However not too young as the play is riddled with sexual innuendos, suggestive and downright raunchy humor and expletives that are handed out like candy. The 90-minute production packs in enough chutzpah and oomph to carry over to an after-show dinner during which you will definitely be regurgitating the play's punch-lines. Secure cheap Seminar tickets and be a part of the extravaganza.
Though Seminar hasn't been on the stage long enough to garner accolades, all those involved come in with a scintillating legacy embellished with some of their own. Theresa Rebeck, the playwright of Seminar's script (not one of those that the character Leonard derisively shreds apart) is a Pulitzer Prize nominee and has penned several New York productions such as Mauritius and Omnium Gatherium. She has won a host of awards for her past achievements that include a Writers Guild of America Award in the Episodic Drama category and a National Theatre Conference Award. Sam Gold brings his directorial Midas touch that has been acknowledged for prior "Outstanding Direction" endeavors such as 2 Obie Awards for The Aliens and Circle Mirror Transformation in 2010 and a Drama Desk nomination to boot. Alan Rickman, having already been credited with a Tony nomination back in 2002 for his portrayal of Elyot in Private Lives as well as his 1987 one for playing Valmont in Les Liasions Dangereuse, is the driving force behind Seminar. With Jerry O'Connell lending his ever comic persona to that of Douglas, Lily Rabe as Kate brings up the rear along with a Tony and a Drama Desk Award nomination for playing Portia in The Merchant of Venice alongside the legendary Al Pacino.
For anybody who has had brushes with teachers who have driven you to "literarily" bang your head against the wall, Theresa Rebeck's story writing and Sam Gold's directing are reasons enough to buy Seminar tickets. However if you still want to have your Broadway cake and eat out later too then try going for some cheap Seminar tickets or discount Seminar tickets options. Happy learning!

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