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Rocky The Musical tickets will take you to downtown Philadelphia to meet Rocky Balboa, who is trying to find a way to stay calm and fight the struggles of life. When faced with an opportunity of a lifetime, this down-and-out fighter does not hesitate for a moment to avail it. This chance is his best shot at becoming a champion and the last one to find his love. Featuring a sizzling romance between two lonely outsiders, Rocky is an overwhelming theatrical experience. This show is for anyone and everyone who is bold enough to follow their dream. The musical has started with live performances at Winter Garden Theatre. It will be playing at the venue for the rest of the year, providing you with the opportunity to watch the live show at your convenience.

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About Rocky The Musical


The storyline of the musical is based on the 1976 namesake movie, which was the highest grossing film of the year. The screenplay of the hit movie was done by the iconic Sylvester Stallone. The movie was such a success that it earned three Oscar Awards which included one for the category of “Best Picture”. The iconic saga Rocky was brought to a life by the creative team that has earned the Tony Award five times. This award winning team includes Alex Timbers-the director, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty penned the songs along with book-writer Thomas Meehan. The twenty million dollar premiere production featured boxing choreography by Steven Hoggett and the set was a result of Christopher Barreca’s designs.


The central plot of the musical revolves around the never-made-it boxer named Rocky Balboa. He stumbles into a boxing ring with the unbeatable world heavyweight champ named Apollo Creed. Knowing his past record, Rocky was well aware of his limitations and knew that this match will serve him as a human sacrifice for the bloodthirsty crowd. But with the unexpected romantic success with the love of his life Adrian, this underdog feels an adrenaline rush; a driving factor which makes Rocky realize that he’s got something special as well.


The world premiere of the show was conducted at Operettenhaus in Hamburg in 2012. The debut performance resulted in positive reviews featuring cast members Drew Sarich who played the character of Rocky Balboa, Terence Archie played as Apollo Creed and Wietske van Tongeren played Adrian Pennino. The show was initially written in English but for the world premiere it was translated to German. Following the success of the premiere, the musical will be debuting on Broadway this year. Rocky The Musical tickets are now selling for a series of Broadway performances scheduled at the Winter Garden Theatre.


This wonderful theatrical experience is packed with twenty original songs and additional soundtracks including “Gonna Fly Now” and “Eye of the Tiger” taken from the movie. The gamut of popular songs from the musical includes “My Nose Ain't Broken”, “Fight from the Heart”, “Happiness”, “Keep on Standing”, “Undefeated Man” and more. For the outstanding performances, Rocky has been nominated for several awards such as Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle Award and Drama League Award. David Rooney writes on The Hollywood Reporter praising the work of the creative team behind the curtains. Admiring the work of director Timbers and his design team, David also appreciates the striking similarity between protagonist Andy Karl and Sylvester Stallone’s model for the character of Rocky. The fresh energy and wit makes this musical all the more interesting. Do take out some time and visit the Winter Garden Theatre to see the Broadway performances of the show. Opened in 1911, the venue has showcased some of the most amazing performances by musicals such as ‘Mamma Mia!,’ ‘42nd Street,’ ‘Wonderful Town,’ ‘Peter Pan’ and many more. Rocky the Musical will be another one. Do visit.


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