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Theatrical plays are usually fictional portrait of an event, person, family, story, etc. There are however very few plays which are based on real life characters. Even fewer are based on lives of larger than life figures, which have left an undeletable mark on our society. Red falls in this category! One of the most celebrated Broadway plays of all time; it portrays life of one of the best artists of the 20th century. It has won some of the most prestigious awards like the Drama Desk Award, and six Tony Awards in categories like "Best Sound Design", "Best Lighting Design of a Play", "Best Scenic Design of a Play", "Best Direction of a Play", "Best Featured Actor in a Play", and "Best Play". Red tickets must be bought to enjoy the best that theatre has to offer today!

About Red

As mentioned earlier the play revolves around the life of one Mark Rothko, a Russian-American painter, considered to be the best abstract expressionist of his time! He however never considered himself to be an artist of great caliber or an abstract expressionist. The play is essentially a dialogue between him and his fictional assistant, Ken, who questions "Is art meant to provoke, soothe, or disturb?" Red was initially produced by Donmar Warehouse and is written by John Logan. The original production premiered before Londoners in December 2009 and was an instant hit amongst art-loving Europeans. It was meant to be a successful production since none other than Michael Grandage was directing it and Alfred Molina played Rothko. The role of Ken was masterfully played by Eddie Redmayne, who also won a Tony Award for the "Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play". You must buy Red tickets now for a great night out!

Red, the play which had become talk of the town was soon produced on Broadway’s John Golden Theatre in March, 2010. The critics were raving with Variety magazine calling Molina and his acting "majestic" and the Associated Press lost for words in eulogizing the play, its content, production, etc. However it did write "They are the tantalizing first words of Red, John Logan’s engrossing, often enthralling new play about art, an artist and the act of creation." As if this was not good enough of news, there is great news waiting for you; cheap Red tickets are now available to be purchased! This deal is just too good to be true; a great play which is not too heavy on your pocket! Whoever said that life was not fair!

Since Red is based on a dialogue between the old generation and new generation, master and novice, the dialogues had to be impeccably written! And they are indeed impeccably written as the production team has won countless awards for their untiring efforts! However, if there is one dialogue which embodies the crux of the play, it has to be when Rothko utters "There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend…. One day the black will swallow the red." In order to understand the state of Rothko’s mind, it is necessary to know his background, since we already know that the play is based on the artist’s actual life events!

Rothko, born Marcus Rothkowitz, belonged to a family of Latvian Jews, who grew up in Czarist Russia. And although his family wasn’t religious and Rothko along with his siblings were secularly educated, however the overall political situation was such in Czarist Russia that Jews were often blamed for all the ills afflicting the empire. Rothko’s childhood was therefore full of fear. Years later when he and his family had immigrated to the United States and he was attending Yale, he found the overall atmosphere on campus, too bourgeois, racist, and elitist. Putting the two together, it could be argued that the master painter had socialist inklings, which he thought were too weak to be safeguarded against the bourgeois onslaught and hence the above quoted line! You would come up with your own analysis and understanding of the man when you attend Red by buying cheap Red tickets now!

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