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The naughtiest illusionists in America, Penn and Teller are bringing their magical tricks back to where they began - Broadway. The magician duo hasn’t moved out of the Sin City lately and New York seems to be the best place to take the first step. The insanely devilish pair is ready to make jaws drop at the prestigious venue with some of the most awe-inspiring tricks up its sleeves. On a strictly six-week trek in New York, the two will be performing at the celebrated Marquis Theatre from July 7 to August 16, 2015. The post-announcement rush for the Penn Teller on Broadway tickets has been enormous. If the trends continue, the duo will have to perform at the theatre in front of chock-full of fans. There is still time for Penn and Teller lovers to save seats but keeping in mind the overwhelming buzz, it’s better to buy them now.

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Penn Teller On Broadway

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Penn & Teller Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Calgary Friday
10/20/2017 8:00 PM
Penn & Teller Penn & Teller Theater - Rio Hotel Las Vegas Saturday
10/21/2017 9:00 PM
Penn & Teller Penn & Teller Theater - Rio Hotel Las Vegas Sunday
10/22/2017 9:00 PM
Penn & Teller Penn & Teller Theater - Rio Hotel Las Vegas Monday
10/23/2017 9:00 PM
Penn & Teller Penn & Teller Theater - Rio Hotel Las Vegas Tuesday
10/24/2017 9:00 PM

About Penn Teller On Broadway

Demented Minds

Once you've got a theater with your name on it, it's really hard to have to convince people to leave it empty for seven weeks during prime time”, tells Penn Jillette on having to leave home-stage Las Vegas. The duo hasn’t seen Broadway for more than a decade but July 2015 will mark its reunion with the glitziest of the theaters. The 'silent guy' Raymond Teller and the tall more voluble Penn Jillette, bid farewell to the theatre in Rio to bring the Broadway audience the craziest of all illusions. Tricks like the celebrated Needles and the One-minute Egg are all creations of their demented minds that have been making wonders since they debuted 40 years ago. The famous pair made its first Broadway appearance in 1987, making a smashing return to the venue with its 1991's “The Refrigerator Tour”. “The Rocky Horror Show” in 2001 was their last performance at the famous stage following a stint at the Beacon Theatre in 2000.

Rabbit Out of the Hat

Not in the metaphorical sense, the duo plans to feature the trick on its New York shows. After literally pulling the animal from the hat, the evil geniuses will perform a magic act on the famous song “I'm a Little Teapot”. The spellbinding trick will involve Penn treating Teller as a teapot, picking him up to pour some tea in a cup. A surefire showstopper, the act is a departure from their usual shooting and stabbing, getting run over by vehicles, and catching bullets with their mouths stunts. The duo seems enthusiastic about this upcoming act as it brings masterpieces from shows at Las Vegas and other classic magic tricks from its repertoire. Their clever illusions carry hues of comedic mockery and the audience can't help but marvel at two of the smartest gentlemen in the industry.

Fame and Acclaim

After snagging a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and bagging seven Las Vegas Magician of the Year Awards, Penn and Teller remain more surprised than ever. Content at entertaining a crowd as small as two hundred people, the two men confess they never thought such a success would come. They also received an Obie Award and an Emmy Award for their outstanding performances onstage. The two have starred in television shows like “Dancing with the Stars”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, Criss Angel's “Mindfreak” and “Las Vegas! Now”. They can currently be seen wowing the television viewers in “Penn & Teller: Fool Us!” and “Wizard Wars” on SyFy.

Eye-popping Illusions

Termed as “a matchless team of self-mocking sorcerers” by the New York Times, the pair is eager to add more credits to its already illustrious career. The two also joined forces on the famous documentary “Tim's Vermeer”, which was produced by Penn and directed by Teller. The duo is now heading to Broadway to showcase the best of all it has. New Yorkers have something special to enjoy other than the usual concerts and theaters this July and August. Make sure you break the snoozefest at home and head out to the Marquis Theatre when these talented men hit your city.


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