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All you need to know about the Old Times’ upcoming Broadway production

Celebrating Roundabout Theater Company’s fiftieth anniversary season, Harold Pinter’s enigmatic play Old Times is being brought to life once again on the Broadway stage. The unsettling drama has mystified theater-goers for decades ever since its debut production at the Aldwych Theater, London in 1971.The play continues to generate intense debate on social media and entertainment platforms and this time is expected to be no different. On its latest production, in fact, there are plenty of surprises in store for theater-goers so read on to find out more about Old Times.

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About Old Times

Clive Owen makes his Broadway debut

Academy award nominated actor, Clive Owen, popular for his role in the movie Closer (2004), is set to make his Broadway debut on Old Times. The talented English actor will be playing the role of Deeley, one of the three main characters in the play. Owen will be acting alongside two other talented actresses, Kelly Reilly and Eve Best. Reilly, famous for her role in True Detective, plays Deeley’s wife Kate and this will be her first performance on the Great White Way. Best, a phenomenal stage actress stars in the role of Anna, Kate’s mysterious former roommate.

An intriguing plot

Old Times features one of the most enigmatic plots in theater history that never fails to generate discussions and varying interpretations. The story revolves around three characters, Deeley, his wife Kate and her friend Anna. Deeley is looking forward to meeting his wife’s friend from long ago, Anna. As the night proceeds, the visit quickly turns from an ordinary recounting of memories to a quiet battle for supremacy. Several questions arise as the play goes on and it remains a mystery worth untangling towards the very end.

A bewildering ending

Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter is recognized for his mysterious stories that keep readers and audiences guessing at every turn. The New York Times once reported that Anthony Hopkins, who starred as Deeley in one of the productions, asked Pinter to explain the play’s ending. His response was as spare as his enigmatic dramas, “I don’t know. Just do it.” The ending of the play clearly leaves audiences with a lot of unanswered questions.

Talented creative team

Old Times is directed by Pinter aficionado and Tony Award winning director Douglas Hodge who has added a few touches of his own to Pinter’s classic, including fewer pauses. Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s famous front man has provided an original score for the play.

Plenty of glowing reviews

Old Times has a long history of production and the play has generated a plethora of reviews. Variety Magazine has called it “incredibly sexy play with three incredibly sexy performers.” The Hollywood Reporter is full of praise for Owens “riveting debut” and the New York Post as well as the New York Times have commended the cast.

Production history

Old Times made its debut at the Aldwych Theater in London, performed by the famous Royal Shakespeare Company in 1971. Acclaimed director Peter Hall directed this version as well as the Broadway premiere which opened at Billy Rose Theater a few months later. Over the years, the play has been produced by various theater companies and universities, displaying incredible staying power on the theater circuit. The experienced and famous Roundabout Theater Company is responsible for bringing Old Times to stages across the US once more on its upcoming tour, Old Times tickets for which have been selling like crazy.

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