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An award winning show, Memphis the Musical is inspired from a 1950’s true story and revolves around love and music. The musical made its debut in 2003 and was taken to Broadway in 2009. The musical follows an Africa American nightclub singer Felicia and a white DJ Huey. To find out more about the musical and to watch the talented performers live on stage, grab your Memphis the Musical Worcester tickets.

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About Memphis The Musical Worcester Tickets

A complete entertainment package, Memphis the Musical tells the story of a couple and how they pursued dreams amidst facing hardships and being victims of stereotype. The plot centers on the two artists who fell in unconditional love. As their careers boosts, their relationship faces challenges by personal goals and the pressures of outside world that did not accept their love. Since the musical is about music and singing, it was essential to have a great music and for that Bon Jovi band’s founding member, David Bryan was selected. The musical features everything from rock and roll to ballads as well as R&B tracks. The theatrical includes a brilliant performing cast and incredible songs. The story of the musical keeps the audience engaged and the musical numbers will get you dancing.
Cheap Memphis the Musical Worcester tickets are also available now. So book them to enjoy watching this spectacular musical that is going to be a remarkable experience for you.

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