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A Walt Disney production, Mary Poppins is an Oscar nominated musical based on the narration by P.L Travers. Being a true depiction of love between blood relations and its power to fight through the challenges of life, the musical has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Its widespread appreciation has accredited it with various award nominations, winning two Olivier and a Tony Award to date.

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Mary Poppins is a story of the Banks’ family preoccupied with the worldly desires to lead a luxurious life. The absence of love and togetherness has created distances, making them engrossed in their own lives. Just at the moment where everything looks dull and hopeless, the tale takes a twist by introducing a character of a nanny for the Banks’ kids. As the musical proceeds, the nanny proves to be like a fairy god mother for the family, changing their existing way of life. The revival of the lost family love helps them fight through the toughest challenges of life all together.

Known for its heart touching story and incredible music, Mary Poppins is all set to be staged once again. This time the venue for the musical happens to be the city of Portland. So guys, if you are looking for quality entertainment, this is surely it. Mary Poppins Portland Tickets are already on sale! Buy them as soon as possible!

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