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Uninvited guests that show up at your door with every intention of overstaying their welcome are usually quite irksome and repulsive. However, one lady going by the name of Mary Poppins popped in completely catching the Banks family unawares. Claim some cheap Mary Poppins Montreal tickets now to witness a nanny sort out their troubles with a touch of song and magic.

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Other than carrying the promise of spring, the East Wind also carries aloft one determined nanny that goes about settling troubled households and reforming the respective children. Such is the case with the Banks kids Michael and Jane whose existing nanny Miss Andrews has become the bane of their existence, and are in need of immediate deliverance. However, they did not have to despair for long as Mary fixed all Banks affairs with her "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” ways.
From the creative and initiated mind of P.L. Travers to the pages of his popular books and to the cinema screens via the 1964 Disney movie, Mary Poppins has indeed came a long way throughout the last century. Four years into the new one, she found herself being launched on West End via a rollicking musical and then two years later landed on Broadway.
The Mary Poppins Montreal performance retains all the magical and musical elements of the original, especially the Sherman Brothers score, and rides on the award-wining legacy that entails a pair of Drama Desk Awards and a Tony to boot. So secure some Mary Poppins Montreal tickets now for your own taste of her “spoonful of sugar”.  

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