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Arts and humanities reflect the tender emotions and feelings a human society has, and its best manifestation can be witnessed at a theatrical performance like Mamma mia. Written by maestros, and performed to perfection by artists who know their job, this musical is sure to touch your heart!

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Mamma Mia is a musical written by Catherine Johnson and directed by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. The whole musical pays tribute to the pop/dance group called ABBA as all the songs are taken from this once popular group. It was premiered for the first time at the Prince Edward Theatre which is located on West End.
The story of Mamma Mia revolves around a twenty years old girl named Sophie Sheridan and her mother Donna. They live on an island called Kalokairi and Donna owns a small hotel there. Immediately we are told that Sophie is planning to marry her fiancé Sky and are now preparing for the wedding. However Sophie wants her father to be there at the wedding but does not know where he is. So in an attempt to find him she goes through her mother’s diary and finds three names Sam Carmichael, Bill Anderson and Harry Bright, while going through the pages. He sends invitations to all three of them believing that one of them is her father. When all of them arrive at the wedding there is a fiasco and in the end Donna marries Sam.
Mamma Mia Fort Lauderdale Tickets offers much more than just entertainment. It is a whole experience that keeps the audience spellbound till the very last moment of the show!

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A:Mamma Mia Tickets will be delivered to you a week before the event.

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