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Do we all not love it when the savannah animals flock together to welcome the arrival of new king? The savannah pride has a new addition to their family, Simba. While the reigning king is much revered, all the jungle is present to hail their future king. What a spectacle it is, gripping and thrilling. You admit to yourself that this is indeed majestic.  Everyone is there; zebras, giraffes, monkeys, ostriches, wildebeests, you name them, except his uncle Scar. That is where our story begins.

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Lion King is another marvel of Disney. The musical is based on the famous animated movie, loved by all for it is a glimpse of a pride reality. This is a wildlife story where Simba is exiled from his pride by his uncle after he successfully schemes his father’s murder. Right from the outset, Simba finds himself in a land of strangers where, mercifully, he finds his faithful friends. The necessary magic to the musical is added by Elton John’s Oscar winning song ‘Circle of Life.’

You know that this show is not a one timer. Everybody watches it over and over again and we know you, too, are a die-hard fan of the Lion King. You can get the Lion King Providence tickets at one of the best prices here. This spectacular family flick will be featured in Providence theatre throughout the next year so there is no chance you are going to miss the show. Watch it at your leisure because you know it is worth watching.

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