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When the animated film Lion King hit the big screen in 1994, it stirred people from all age groups, worldwide. It received several Oscar and Golden Globe nominations as well as wins. Inspired by its success, the dynamic director Julie Taymor brought the outstanding film on live stage in 1997. Since its debut, the musical adaptation has become one of the longest running plays. Produced by Disney Theatrical, the creative team beautifully presents the wildlife of the African Pride Lands. Lion King Musical is the story of the young prince Simba who leaves his home after the tragic demise of his father, King Mufasa. He starts a new life with his unusual companions but when the habitants of his old land approach him for help, he heads back home. Simba’s wicked uncle Scar has the Pride Lands suffering because of his tyranny and it’s the young prince who takes it upon himself to bring the jungle back to its glory. The adventurous journey of Simba to claim his rightful status as the king of the African Pride Lands, form the sensational show Lion King.

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With some wonderful costumes and brilliant stage designing, the essence of the jungle is successfully captured. The musical retains the original soundtrack of the film and the fans are treated to hit songs like, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. If you’ve yet to experience the magic, then get your Lion King Chicago tickets now! It’ll be a performance you won’t be forgetting for a long time.

Lion King, the adaptation of the award-winning animated film has been roaring in theatres since 1997. The director Julie Taymor has done a terrific job of transforming the film into stage musical and created a lively atmosphere. The audiences are treated to a colorful display of costumes along with some astounding music. The story revolves around the young lion prince Simba, whose birth has made his evil uncle Scar an unlikely successor to the throne. With an unrelenting desire to become the king, Scar plots to kill both Simba and his father, King Mufasa. Though Simba survives he’s led to believe that his father died because of him and so he decides to flee the kingdom. He starts a new life with his unusual companions, Pumbaa and Timon who help him get over his grief. The plot takes a twist when old ties approach a fully grown Simba to help save the Pride Lands from Scar’s tyranny. His journey from there onwards as he sets out to claim his rightful status as the king is the essence of this sensational musical. The creative team has recreated the films magic on stage and set the arena alive with spectacular special effects. Every scene is backed by Elton John’s splendid music and as an audience you can’t help but be mesmerized. Cadillac Palace will soon be hosting the play, so get your Lion King Cadillac Palace Tickets now! The captivating performances and stunning visuals will show you a great time.

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