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It is time to head over to Sacramento to take a trip down memory lane with Jersey Boys the Musical and follow the musical journey of a popular band. If you have wanted to enjoy the golden age of music during the 60s then this is the moment you have been waiting for. Now you can live those golden years through the music and excitement of this amazing jukebox musical that has been winning the hearts of critics and music lovers all over the country.

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Jersey Boys is based upon the book written by Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman. The music for the play has been composed by Bob Gaudio and the words of the songs have been penned by Bob Crewe. The audience is made a part of the story of the band The Four Seasons as it starts from the very beginning when the band first came together and concludes with the falling apart of the four members. The style of the play is that of a live documentary and gives the storyline more depth and makes the audience a part of special moments. The play is divided into four seasons with each section being presented through the eyes of a different member of the band. Thus the overall feeling is that of how everyone saw the same thing in a different light. You can now enjoy all the eternal classics of the 60s such as Big Girls Don’t Cry, Stay, Working My Way Way back to You, Sherry and many more. So do not miss this chance; get Jersey Boys Sacramento tickets now.