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Jersey Boys is an internationally acclaimed musical that has won 55 major awards worldwide. It tells the story of one of the most successful pop bands in the music history, “The Four Seasons” and features incredible hit singles like Can’t Take My Eyes off You, Big Girls Don’t Cry and My Eyes Adored You. The musical premiered on Broadway in 2005 and since then has been recognized as “The Best Musical” a number of times. The upcoming production is all set to grace the stage in one of the best venues of the “Chocolate Town”, Hershey. Theatergoers are already on a look out to get the best deal for Jersey Boys Hershey tickets.

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The musical is about four blue collar boys who are distressed with their financial conditions and move from Jersey with an aim to achieve something in life. In line with their interests, they experiment making music and never look back again. Their band, “Frankie Ville and Four Seasons” become the biggest rock and roll sensation of the sixties and sell more than 175 million records around the world. As they say, “joys of fame do not come without a price,” so find out what the Jersey Boys had to face to get to the top in their musical career. The musical with its melodious singles and true story doesn’t let the audiences get distracted for even a minute. If you haven’t seen it as yet, don’t miss this production coming to your town.

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